Solutions for OBD
Tools and Services for On-Board Diagnostics

OBD Diagnostics

The emission characteristics of vehicles are monitored by the legally prescribed on-board diagnostics (OBD). Each emission-relevant ECU must therefore support the OBD diagnostic. If exhaust-related errors occur (for example, a misfire), they are stored in the fault memory of the ECU and the driver is warned by an indicator, the so-called MIL (malfunction indicator lamp). Using an OBD diagnostic tester, the stored DTC (diagnostic trouble code) can later be read and analyzed.

Emission-relevant ECUs are no longer limited to the powertrain. Therefore more and more automotive suppliers face the challenge to develop OBD-capable ECUs. Vector supports you with powerful tools and embedded software.

OBD Tools & Services

Embedded Software
AUTOSAR basic software with OBD support and OEM-specific customizations MICROSAR OBD
Diagnostic Tester
Quick and very easy to handle diagnostic tester for single ECUs or the whole vehicle Indigo
Simulation and testing tool for networks and ECUs with comprehensive diagnostic functionality CANoe / CANalyzer
Measurement and calibration tool with comprehensive diagnostic functionality CANape
Automated validation of diagnostic implementation in ECUs with data driven test case generation. CANoe.DiVa
Cost-efficient bus interfaces with USB interface for diagnostics, testing, calibration and Flash programming tasks VN1600
Flexible, powerful and robust data loggers to record bus communication and diagnostic data in test vehicles or test benches GL Logger
Engineering and Consulting
Diagnostics-related services: From creation of diagnostic data to customized solutions Services