vMeasure log
Complex and Sophisticated Logging Tasks Made Easy

Making Complex and Sophisticated Logging Tasks Easy with vMeasure log

Combined with Vector logger hardware, vMeasure log is a high-performance and easy-to-use solution for recording measurement data. Various data sources, even high-frequency ones, can be recorded synchronously. Enjoy the benefits of vMeasure exp’s wide range of functions in an automotive-compatible stand-alone logger.


  • Move your highly demanding logging projects into easily configurable and sturdy high-performance hardware
  • High-performant and time synchronized recording of measurement signals from various sources: ECU, analog measurement devices, automotive buses and networks, video, audio, and GNSS
  • Complex calculation and online analyzation at runtime
  • Self-diagnostics via function/scripts to validate logging operations
  • Mobile graphical user interface to monitor your logging operations
  • Bus systems CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet and protocols CCP and XCP supported
  • Vector logging software and hardware are optimally matched to each other

Application Areas

vMeasure log is designed for demanding logging applications that require high-performance and time-synchronous data acquisition from a wide variety of sources

Acquire signals via analog measurement modules, ECUs, VX1000 modules or VN network interfaces. Data rates of up to 2GB/s can be realized, depending on the used Vector logging hardware. At runtime, vMeasure log can calculate specific analyses and use their results as trigger conditions. Measurement projects can be easily created and transferred to the logger hardware with vMeasure exp. When creating the project, vMeasure exp checks whether the measurement task can be carried out or not.

Graphical view of elements of a vMeasure log measurement application
Execute a project either in the familiar environment of vMeasure exp on a laptop or completely autonomous via vMeasure log on the logger hardware.

Logger Hardware


The VN8911 hardware is available with integrated CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay and LIN interfaces. It supports data rates of up to 15MB/s for recording measurement data.

Base unit VN8911 with plug-in module VN8970 for FlexRay/CAN/LIN bus access
Base unit VN8911 with plug-in module VN8970 for FlexRay/CAN/LIN bus access

VP6400 / VP7400 / VP7500

With a large number of Ethernet interfaces as well as high-performance processors, these high-end platforms are designed to record large data rates. Complex arithmetic operations can be executed simultaneously at runtime. The VP6000 family is designed for sustained write rates of 500MB/s. The VP7000 family is designed for up to 2GB/s.

VP7570 - Continuous recording of measurement data at up to 2 GByte/s
VP7570 - Continuous recording of measurement data at up to 2 GByte/s


Convenient and Quick Handling

Effortlessly switch between stand-alone logging and interactive work with vMeasure exp with the same configuration. There is no need to rewire the hardware, saving you time.

Customized Interface

Use and adapt the configuration with the fully functional and well-known vMeasure exp user interface. Customize your configuration to best suit your task at hand. A simple web-based interface allows you to monitor ongoing logging operations.

Solving Complex Measurement Tasks Easier

Real time evaluations, statistical real time analyses and the calculation of virtual signals at runtime are possible due to the computing power of the logger hardware. Complex trigger conditions can be formulated to achieve significant data reduction.

Measure Everything

vMeasure log supports the bus systems CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet. Protocols used can be CCP and XCP. For XCP applications, the VX1000 Family hardware is fully supported.

More Than Just a Recorder

vMeasure log supports the multi-recorder principle. Configure individual measurement signal lists and trigger conditions for each recorder. Create dedicated measurement files for different measurement tasks with a single measurement.

Customized Solution through Modularity

Compared to the classic data loggers, vMeasure log supports the complete range of Vector network interfaces. Adapt the logger individually to your measurement task and not the measurement task to the functionality of the logger.

A Perfect Match

Vector logging software and hardware are perfectly matched to each other.

Product Descriptions

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