Augmented Analytics for Efficient Decision Making in Your Project Monitoring

Squore: Analytics for Projects Monitoring

More transparency and faster decision-making by providing management-relevant information

Squore is an innovative decision-making dashboard that enables quality management of software development by:

  • Improving project performance
  • Driving Software Quality
  • Ensuring process and standard compliance


  • Optimize project management based on real-time indicators
  • Assess industrial standard compliance using Squore analyzers and external data sources
  • Automate continuous quality checking adapted to Agile/DevOps processes
  • Manage application portfolio by easy comparison between projects

Application Areas

Optimization of Software Project Management

Squore enables project managers to optimize the monitoring of every type of software and systems development project by providing real-time access to the most relevant and actionable indicators.

  • Adapted to your software development methods: Agile or waterfall projects
  • With wide coverage: Software projects, Software and Systems projects
  • Meeting user's needs: Code quality monitoring, Process monitoring, Project monitoring "on time, on cost, on quality, on resources"
  • Enabling application portfolio management: the Squore dashboard provides easy comparison with other similar projects for objective decision-making

A Range of Solutions Adapted to Different Levels of Maturity

Whatever the maturity of internal development processes, Squore provides a best-fit solution for optimizing the quality of software developments, and managing projects with strong normative constraints.

  • Turnkey solution: Squore/Software Analytics offers a standard and fully operational solution with prebuilt analysis and decision models allowing to ensure the quality of your software developments
  • Integration of Squore within already proven processes and key performance indicators:  Squore will seamlessly interface with every in-house standards and processes, thanks to its ability to integrate every kind of data and KPI and its easily customizable dashboard and analysis models



  • A comprehensive and accurate overview of the quality and performance of project portfolio
  • Accurate and real-time monitoring of project health: quality trend, process compliance
  • Early high-risk projects detection, prevention of deviations from plans
  • Decision-making support for an optimized project monitoring thanks to prioritized action plans
  • All project data gathered in a unique repository
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Continuous Quality Checking

Squore automates continuous quality checking, helping development teams benefit from Agile/DevOps processes.

  • Continuous integration including delta versioning analysis
  • Real-time overview of code quality

  • Quick location of regressions

  • Early detection of defect and risky constructions

  • Automatically generated action plans for an effective reduction of Technical Debt

  • Collaborative module to share remediation strategies within development teams


  • Better reliability thanks to daily verification of the quality of developments
  • Unleashing innovation: avoiding late rework and maintaining the technical debt at an acceptable level frees up more time for delivering innovative features
  • Better efficiency: defect correction becomes simpler and more efficient from the Squore dashboard, which provides easy access in 3 clicks from the global rating down to the line of code to be fixed


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Optimization of Test Activities

Squore enables project teams to optimize test activities by focusing on critical components according to the test strategy.

  • Testing strategy monitoring via a comprehensive overview of development progress through key performance indicators and trend analysis: immediate detection of regressions, test failures, deviation from plans

  • Customizable and scalable analysis and decision models according to testing strategy evolution, up to optimized action plans generation

  • Risk-based testing strategy from decision criteria adapted to each type of test: Unit Test, Integration, Regression

  • Consideration of the different kinds of risks: functional criticality, specific environment and constraints of the project, code complexity and stability, risks associated to development teams experience and technical skills

  • In-depth analysis where at-risk components are immediately identified, down to the most elementary function or method. Squore recommends testing techniques to be applied according to the level of risk computed from collected measures


  • More competitive testing processes, without compromising final system quality via the implementation of a risk-based testing strategy

  • More reliability by focusing the test strategy on critical, complex, unstable but under covered pieces of code

  • Minimizing acceptance time and cost

  • Growing customer/supplier confidence thanks to the achievement of a level of quality based on shared and quantified acceptance criteria

  • Continuously improving validation process via performance and trend indicators

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Quality at Every Stage of the Project Lifecycle

With Squore, quality becomes a central focus all along the project lifecycle.

  • Unification of development methods and associated tools, such as configuration management tools, requirements management tools, testing tools...
  • Data aggregation and analysis results through a single quality model

  • Compliance of software development processes with existing Quality management system

  • Tooling support for software development process improvement plan

  • Assessment of industrial standard compliance with Squore Source Code Analyzer and external data sources

  • Quality Indicators reporting features to general management or within an audit


  • An objective and real-time evaluation to manage software developments quality

  • A common and shared quality reference for enhanced team collaboration

  • Identification and broadcast of best practices by capitalizing and analyzing past project data

  • Automated report generation in various formats (PPT, PDF)

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An All-In-One Solution to Evaluate Software Compliance

Squore provides a dynamic access to audit results via an interactive dashboard, and create comprehensive reports with just one click.

  • Meeting different needs:  audit, acceptance, valuation of software assets
  • Objective and comprehensive overview of projects in all phases: development, maintenance, transmission, benchmarking
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of the application, from general project level down to requirements details, source code, etc…
  • Ability to choose either turnkey solutions including pre-built quality models by industrial domain or by standard (ISO 9126, SQALE, …), or analysis and decisions models adapted to specific requirements
  • Integrated native source code analyzers available for a wide range of languages, combinable with data from third party tools via our plugins (other source code analyzers, programming rules verification tools, dynamic analyzers, technical facts management tools, configuration management tools, requirements management tools…)


  • Simpler and more complete audits, for a reliable and full assessment of project quality against standards or requirements to be met

  • Permanent access to audit data via a secure web-based interface allowing to display and share results

  • A tool-based audit report, providing navigation through results via an interactive dashboard

  • Automated report generation in various formats (PPT, PDF)

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Highlights of Squore 2021

More Modern and Elegant Look & Feel

Optimized spacing between elements to improve readability.

Modern graphical elements for a better understandability (e.g., use of breakdown bars instead of pies).

Introduction of a unified detailed view as a side bar

  • Many popups replaced by the detailed view
  • Detailed view available for Artefacts, Findings, Action Items and Forms edition
  • All data edition and comments are now grouped in the detailed view
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Squore Project Management: Branches are Now Supported

​To adapt to industrial projects reality, it is now possible to branch a Squore project.

​Relaxation can be reported from one branch to another using one of the following mode:

  • All branches
  • Only selected branches
  • No propagation

​Same propagation principle available for metric/status override.

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New Finding View Design for Clearer Visualization

The finding view (same for action items view) has been fully redesigned for a better understandability

  • New summary replacing pies
  • New filter panel on the left
    • For direct access to multiple filters
    • To avoid multiple clicks

​Finding view can be the starting point for the detailed view context. Different review modes are available, based on where the user clicks:

​The review mode expands into a fully detailed view:

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New Squore Configuration Capabilities Available

  • Computed rules : Findings can now be generated from the (Squore) model
    • This can for instance be used for generation of findings on Ticket artifacts
    • Once defined those findings are shown the same way than any finding imported from external tool

  • Findings on rules absent from the ruleset are now also imported
  • Stored with a special flag and can be viewed in the findings view

  • New possibility to hide specific dashboards / highlights / reports / exports on a condition
  • Possibility to use computations in chart description

    • Values in chart description are always up to date

  • Same possibility to use computations in mail notification templates (plain text or HTML)
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Squore delivered with a Groovy toolkit for customization

Main advantages of the new Groovy toolkit:

  • Well documented toolkit (JavaDoc like documentation) for writing
    • New data providers / Repository connectors
    • New external tools (Launched by the Squore Tools menu) with preset token for using the API
    • New export

  • Same language than Jenkins customization language
  • Less dependencies to Perl modules

Squore 21.0 comes with:

  • 26 Data providers written in groovy
  • 1 Repository connector written in groovy

This provides good samples for developing new Squore Data Providers or Repository connectors

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New Squore Agent for better integration in CI

  • New Squore Agent downloadable from Squore server
    • Squore Agent is in charge of downloading and updating the CLI and its environment
    • No specific installation, everything is automatic
    • Easy integration in Continuous Integration process

Example of simple pipeline:

Example of pipeline with multi-level Quality Gates (Process, Product, Reliability):

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Squore for CANoe (vTESTstudio, DIVA): Turn your test results into relevant KPI

Highlights of the Solution

Squore for Tests & Requirements could be presented as a dynamic report for CANoe and vTESTstudio data.

​The solution mainly contributes to track the project progression by reviewing/overloading test verdicts and assessing the impact on their associated requirements.

​Data is imported from CANoe, vTESTstudio and vTraceItem (ie, a generic data import based on the Vector "vti-tso" format). 

Important KPI:

  • Requirement Test Coverage (Requirement is covered when all associated tests are passed)
  • Test Effectiveness (ratio of passed tests)
  • Variant Matrix (Synthetic view of test effectiveness per variant in the project)
  • Review progression
  • Overloading tracking
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Squore for VectorCAST improved: Ensure Tests guideline compliance

Assess quality during tests and requirements development

  • By creating quality rules to respect.
    • Rules example:
      • Check if test has an expected result
      • Evaluate the test name
      • Look for requirement linkage

  • By computing compliance ratio
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Use Cases

Monitoring Embedded Software Projects in the Automotive Industry

  • Software reliability improvement
  • Demonstration of HIS and MISRA compliance
  • Integration of standard ISO 26262
  • Optimization of testing strategy
  • Business process performance and support as recommended by Automotive SPICE

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Reducing Technical Debt

  • Reduction of code review costs
  • Improvement of software reliability
  • Accelerated decision-making
  • Greater productivity via optimized quality monitoring
  • Enhanced team collaboration and best practices adoption

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Conducting an Internal or Third Party Audit

  • Risk assessment
  • Code reliability and maintainability
  • Impact analysis
  • Outsourcing security
  • Automated audit report

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Managing Agile Projects

  • Decision-making capabilities enabling accelerated Time to Market
  • Comprehensive project indicators: functionalities, cost, deadlines, quality
  • Reduction of maintenance costs with early risk detection
  • Better communication between stakeholders, from development teams to final users

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Monitoring the Effectiveness of Systems Engineering Projects

Applied to Systems Engineering effectiveness, Squore provides a continuous and centralized overview along the 3 major axes of project performance monitoring:

  • Meeting of delivery deadlines
  • Adherence to Budgets constraints
  • Quality of the achieved system

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Securing the Acceptance Phase

Squore secures customer-supplier relationship via a common quality reference framework:

  • Shared and objective Acceptance criteria
  • Increased confidence between Customer and Supplier
  • Secured deployment and operation
  • Reduction of acceptance costs and efforts

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Squore Variants

Squore/Software Analytics

All along the project lifecycle, Squore/Software Analytics automatically collects and aggregates with its own results the measures from the various tools already in use in your environment, in order to provide an overall and historical insight on software products and processes. Squore/Software Analytics is a turnkey solution which integrates pre-defined quality and performance indicators, built on extensive experience with major industrial users.


Squore/KPI is a fully customizable version of Squore, in order to perfectly fit existing in-house practices, methods and tools. It makes it simple to implement an analytics process that will take into account expected objectives, applicable regulations and standards, risks to be minimized, current practices, level of maturity… and of course, your available data.


Tools Integrations

Thanks to its comprehensive set of more than 50 ready-to-use plugins, Squore Software Analytics automatically collects and aggregates with its own results the measures from the various third-party tools already in use in your environment. 

  • Source Code Static Analysis / Rule Checking
Bauhaus, CheckStyle, CodeSniffer, CodeSonar, Coverity, CppcheckESLint, FindBugs, FxCopGNATcheck, GNATCompiler, JSHint, Klocwork, PC-lint, pep8, PMD, Polyspace, pycodestyle, pylint, Qac_8_2, Rational Logiscope, SonarQube, SQL Code Guard, Squore Squan Sources, StyleCop, Testwell CTC++
  • Test Coverage
CoberturaCPPTestGcovJaCoCo, MSTest, NcoverPHP Code Coverage, Rational Logiscope, TessyVectorCAST
  • Tests Management
CANoe, Junit, Unit Test Status from Rational Test RealTime, VectorCAST, vTestStudio, Test Data Import
  • Tickets / Issues Management
Jira, Mantis, Ticket Data Import
  • Modeling
  • Requirements Management
reqIF, Requirement data import
  • Generic
CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, raw text
  • Misc
CPU Data Import, Memory Data Import, Stack Data Import


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Continuous Integration

Squore allows full automation of data collection and continuous build thanks to its compatibility with Continuous Integration frameworks. This allows to produce periodic project rating without any manual intervention, and to provide historical and trend analysis of the project's evolution. Squore integrates with frameworks such as:

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Squore includes a full REST API which you can use to retrieve every data from Squore: projects, versions, artefacts, metrics, findings, highlights, etc...

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