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As E/E systems grow more important to mobility, complexity increases. Requirements engineers are continually challenged by accelerated time to market, variants and a multitude of functionalities, which are based on software and electronics. As we all know requirements are not stable, because information often and quickly becomes obsolete, redundant or inconsistent. So how can we deal with this situation? PREEvision is a way to master this challenge!
Electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity inside and outside the vehicle: The onboard electronic network has become the brain of today’s cars. The ever-increasing sharing of data within vehicles and to systems outside of the vehicle raises the complexity and makes the development of electric and electronic systems in vehicles, the so-called E/E development, more and more challenging. PREEvision is a model-based development environment, that faces these challenges, and supports the entire E/E development – from architecture design all the way through to the final wiring harness.


Vector Congress 2018: E/E–Engineering with PREEvision – Status and Trends (Georg Zimmermann, Vector).
Vector Congress 2018: Model-Based Management of Software Platforms (Dr. Clemens Reichmann, Vector).
Vector Congress 2018: PEER – The Digitalization of E/E Development (Florian Bruckner, Evobus).
Lecture by Marcelino Varas, Vector, at the 4th Vector Automotive Ethernet Symposium on April 2nd, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany
Georg Zimmermann introduces Vector's E/E engineering solution PREEvision during the Vector North America Congress 2019.

What is PREEvision?

PREEvision explained in a nutshell: Enjoy this anmiated introduction into model-driven E/E engineering!

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