Diagnostics - Quick and Easy
Diagnostics - Quick and Easy
Diagnostics - Quick and Easy
Diagnostic Testing Quick and Easy

Indigo - Diagnostic Tester

Indigo is an easy to use and intuitive diagnostic tester for all diagnostic tasks and can be used in vehicle development as well as in the workshop. Thanks to its modular design, Indigo can be individually adapted to customer needs and company processes.

Indigo gives you a quick overview of the status of a vehicle as well as detailed diagnostic information on individual ECUs. Depending on your needs, you define a suitable tester configuration, save it as a project and share it with your colleagues. Furthermore, with Indigo's unique selling point, remote diagnostics, you can easily diagnose vehicles and ECUs remotely.



  • Use case oriented tool approach
  • Simple operation, decoupled from diagnostic services
  • Use Case Windows definable for each project, selectable from a ready-to-use diagnostic toolbox
  • Automatic configuration of diagnostic parameters using ODX, CANdelaStudio (CDD) or Ford MDX diagnostic descriptions


  • Vehicle diagnostics and commercial vehicle diagnostics with many ECUs simultaneously, as well as diagnostics of individual ECUs in the vehicle or in a lab environment
  • Perfectly suited for OEMs and suppliers
  • Interactive remote diagnostics with Indigo Option Remote


  • Can be integrated into existing development processes at OEMs and suppliers
  • Development of customized diagnostic windows in C# with the Indigo Software Development Kit (Indigo SDK)
  • Integrated environment for recording, editing and replaying diagnostic sequences/scripts using the Vector Diagnostic Scripting (VDS) library in C#


  • Simultaneous communication over different bus systems: CAN (FD), K-Line and DoIP as well as different diagnostic protocols: UDS, KWP2000, GMW3110, SAE J1939 diagnostics, OBD, WWH-OBD, HD-OBD and OBDonUDS
  • Bus logging and (graphical) measurement of network signals from DBC/ARXML

Application Areas


Indigo is the perfect diagnostic tester in ECU and vehicle development. Indigo is used starting with the setup of ECUs in a laboratory environment, through vehicle roll-out and modification in test workshops, to vehicle test drives.

The user interface can be freely configured using predefined tools from a toolbox for different diagnostic tasks. The resulting user interface is saved together with the diagnostic description files as a project or as Pack&Go. The use of "protected projects" makes Indigo particularly suitable for collaboration with development partners and workshops. The extraction of sensitive diagnostic data (databases and private keys) is prevented by protected projects. In addition, protected projects can be provided with passwords and expiration dates.

For use on test drives, Indigo is operated quickly and specifically via keys. The measurement of data or readout of fault memories can be triggered in this way, and acquired data can be temporarily stored for later analysis. For documentation purposes, the user generates reports in a clear and customizable form with Indigo.

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Indigo Remote

Indigo Remote saves the user time and money when remotely diagnosing vehicles and ECUs. The advantage of Indigo Remote is that all confidential data remains with the Indigo user and is not transferred to a remote location.

The areas of application in general are e.g.:

  • Remote diagnostics of integration components
  • Vehicles on test drives
  • Vehicles in foreign production plants
  • Customer vehicles in the workshop

Remote diagnostics is activated in Indigo using a special Indigo Remote license. A connection to a remote access point is then established. The Remote Access Point can be downloaded free of charge from the Vector homepage at this link.

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Case Studies

Indigo – Maximum Efficiency in the Diagnostic Testing Process at MAN

© MAN Truck & Bus

MAN is a strong brand of the Traton Group, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, and is one of the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. For the development and testing of the TGX truck with its up to 60 ECUs and several thousand variant combinations, it was important for MAN to use an efficient diagnostic tester.
MAN-Indigo – a complete engineering tool with individual functionality.


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Remote Diagnostics & Flashing - Enormous Time Savings at Webasto

The demand for Webasto battery systems is growing steadily. The Field Application Engineers (FAE) are faced with the challenge of meeting a support demand that is growing by 50-100% annually. This cannot be easily compensated for by expanding the FAE team in terms of personnel. 

Enormous time savings with Vector´s remote diagnostic tools Indigo and vFlash: Without remote diagnostic tools, about 90% of the customer meetings took place on-site. Today the ratio is reversed, about 85% of the meetings take place remotely. As a result, instead of 1-2 customer issues per week, up to 10 customer issues are now processed per FAE.

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Highlights Version 8

Customer-specific Adaptable and Extendable

  • Customer-specific adaptations such as integration into an existing development process with special functions and process-compliant documentation are possible with Indigo (see also case study with MAN). Extensions implemented as part of customer projects can now be easily re-installed using a plug-in installer.
  • With the new Software Development Kit (SDK), own Use Case Diagnostic Windows are easily implemented. The full range of functions of the Vector Diagnostic Scripting Library (VDS) is available.


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Simplified Handling of Remote Diagnostics

  • Self-service portal for convenient registration of a remote diagnostic and flash tools user.

  • Easy use of all Remote Diagnostic and Flash products via a single user account.

  • Comprehensive security concept through Vector Online Services without any loss of application comfort.



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Use Case Windows

Read-out of the fault memory of individual ECUs or of an entire vehicle

  • DTC Auditor: Graphical overview of all connected ECUs and their fault memory status with color coding.
  • DTC Browser: Detailed display of identified DTCs per ECU with their status flags, environmental data and fault conditions.
  • DTC Inspector: Overview of all DTCs supported per ECU with color coding of the DTC status.

Check, analyze and write diagnostic data of single or multiple ECUs.

  • Identification Browser: Capture of general information about the installed ECUs (e.g. serial number, version, VIN, ...).
  • Live Data & Graphical Live Data: Measurement of diagnostic data and CAN signals. The display can be either tabular or graphical. Export of measurement data as CSV or standardized MDF4 files for analysis in tools such as Vector CANape.
  • Parametrizer: Readout or modification of selected parameters. At the point of input, the validity of new parameters is checked. Parameter sets can be saved and restored as needed.

Testing actuators of single or multiple ECUs.

  • IO Control Center: Convenient control for selected actuators in the ECU.

Execution of routines stored in ECUs

  • Routine Control Center: Start or stop the execution of remote routines (e.g. UDS service 0x31) and check the result of the routine.

Overview of the status of the installed ECUs in the vehicle

  • Quick Check: Display of cross-vehicle identification data and number of fault memory entries per ECU.

Execution of diagnostics required by law

  • OBD Tools: Read and evaluate various predefined OBD data across different OBD standards (OBD II, WWH-OBD or HD-OBD), such as Fault Memory and Environmental Data, Vehicle Info, Vehicle Status, Monitoring Test Results, Vehicle In-Use Performance Tracking, Vehicle Sensor Data and Vehicle Sensor Data Graphical.

Configuration of ECUs for communication with charging infrastructure

  • Plug and Charge: installation of contract certificates and private keys for smart charging according to ISO 15118.
  • Value Added Services: Vehicle preconditioning according to VAS/VDV 262.

Direct access to diagnostic services.

  • Diagnostic Console: Manual execution of diagnostic services from the diagnostic description file.

Updating ECU software

  • Reprogramming: Execution of vFlash Pack&Go projects. Requires a valid vFlash license.
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General Functions

Live display of diagnostic telegrams

  • Trace Window: Tool-wide display of sent and received diagnostic telegrams (including interpretation). The contents of the Trace Window can be saved as a log file for later analysis.

Logging of CAN bus communication

  • Normal-Com Logging: Tool to record all CAN bus raw data independent of the source. Export of CAN bus logs to CANoe ".asc" or to ".blf" files.

Convenient settings for session and security access management

  • Session & Security Access: Tool for changing the status per ECU, changing the session, unlocking the ECU and authentication on the ECU.

Recording and execution of repetitive diagnostic sequences

  • Script Runner: Tool for convenient recording and execution of repetitive diagnostic sequences and creation of vFlash Custom Actions. The C#-based scripts (VDS) can be reworked with Visual Studio and reused in all Vector Testing Tools with diagnostic functionality (CANoe, CANape ...).

Customization of Indigo

  • Indigo Software Development Kit (SDK): tool for developing customer-specific diagnostic user windows. The C#-based windows can be implemented with Visual Studio by the customer or by Vector.
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Remote Diagnostics

Indigo Remote is the remote diagnostic solution that allows an expert to directly and interactively diagnose any vehicle anywhere in the world with immediate access. This shortens diagnostic and repair times, resulting in significant cost savings.

The advantages:

  • Worldwide remote diagnostics, always available
  • Quick and easy setup at the point of use
  • High data security: Diagnostic data, processes and safety algorithms are not required on site and are therefore not transmitted.
  • Fast data transmission and very short response times
  • Comprehensive access via hardware interfaces - also from third parties (PassThru API, D-PDU API)
  • Free use of the Vector remote server infrastructure
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Indigo - Interactive Remote Diagnostics

With Indigo Remote starting version 4.0 and higher, Indigo supports interactive remote diagnostics. An expert on a PC conducts a remote diagnostic session with a special ID or password. Communication takes place via a secure Vector Remote Server. On the vehicle side it is sufficient to start the access point and forward the access data to the expert. No changes to the vehicle are necessary and the software for the access point can be downloaded here free of charge according to your contact details. This means that Indigo is immediately ready for use in case of need.

As an alternative to the PC and network interface for vehicle access, the Intelligent Diagnostic Device VN8810 is also available. The compact device from Vector has an integrated interface (CAN(FD), K-Line, Ethernet) and can easily be equipped with the Indigo Access Point Compact via the Vector Platform Manager.

The Indigo Access Point software (PC) and Indigo Access Point Compact (VN8810) required for local access to the vehicle are part of the Indigo delivery. Both can be quickly installed without admin rights.

With Indigo Remote, diagnostic data, test sequences and security algorithms remain in a secure environment - all control, interpretation and evaluation takes place on the expert computer. Together with end-to-end encryption via the Indigo Remote Server, high data security is guaranteed.

A number of technical measures ensure high bandwidth and low latency so that the full scope of diagnostics can be used efficiently. This makes it possible to access vehicles worldwide with very short response times - even when transferring large amounts of data.

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Indigo Remote can be used anywhere whenever an expert needs direct access to a distant vehicle or ECU for remote diagnostics.

General areas of application include:

  • Remote diagnostics of integration components: When starting up integration components, Indigo Remote enables developers to help remotely at short notice in the event of problems. Development partners can immediately identify the problem using remote diagnostics and take the appropriate action.
  • Vehicles on test runs: During a test drive, a vehicle exhibits unusual behavior only under very specific conditions. A precise examination by an expert or system developer is needed. In very few cases, this expert is on site and can use vehicle diagnostics to read out important vehicle data and control actuators for testing purposes. With Indigo Remote, the expert can now access the vehicle directly, despite being very far from the site.
  • Vehicles in offshore production plants: Indigo Remote offers short-term support from remote developers for problems with the vehicle, system or ECU. Thus, both OEMs and suppliers can use remote diagnostics to diagnose their systems quickly and securely during start-up phase in a production plant.
  • Customer vehicles in the service shop: At service shops, there are sometimes situations that require consultation with an expert. For those, Indigo Remote offers prompt help from “vehicle doctors” or developers from the headquarters if an unexpectedly complex problem arises. This makes it possible to provide customers fast and cost-efficient repairs.    
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Diagnostics from a Distance with Indigo - Remote Diagnostics

Sweden, -20°C, snowfall. A test driver conducts a test drive on a frozen lake covered with snow. During a braking maneuver in a curve, he notices some unusual vehicle behavior. He suspects that the cause lies in the brake system. Although the test driver is very familiar with the vehicle, a precise analysis by a system developer is necessary.

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Vector Remote Access Point - Request Download

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Pascale Morizur
Helping to simplify vehicle diagnostic testing.

Supported Hardware

Product Descriptions

Operating System* Windows 10 Build 1903 or higher
Processor PC with Dual Core, min. 2.0 GHz
Memory (RAM) 2 GB

* Not virtualized. Running in a virtual machine is possible but not tested. Operation with Vector hardware may be affected by virtualization, e.g., higher latencies may occur.  

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Indigo Diagnostics Training

The number and complexity of control units used in automobiles has increased tremendously. It is therefore important to include diagnostics in the development process of control units from an early stage.

Our training classes and workshops will provide you not only with a basic understanding of diagnostics. Especially with practical exercises you will gain a comprehensive view on the Vector diagnostic tool chain.

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