VT2004A | VT2004A FPGA

Stimulation Module

The VT2004A manages up to four inputs of an ECU to which vehicle sensors such as temperature probes or switches are connected. This module is also available as a variant (VT2004A FPGA) with user programmable FPGA.

Stimulation Module: VT2004A | VT2004A FPGA


Functions for Each Channel

  • Various signal paths to the original sensors and bus bars are switched via relays. The relays may be used, for example, to generate short circuits to ground or to battery voltage via a bus bar, or to break the line to an original sensor (broken wire simulation).

  • Relay for short circuits between the input lines

  • Voltage stimulation

  • Decade resistor for the sensor simulation

  • Generation of a PWM signal as input signal for the ECU

  • Simulation of a potentiometer as a sensor (on channel 1)

Furthermore, it is possible to reverse the two-line connections of the two bus bars via relays (combined for all channels of a module).

Technical Data

  Input voltage -40 V … +40 V
  Input current Max. 800 mA
Voltage Stimulation
  Output voltage range 0 … 40 V
  Accuracy (at 25 °C)  ± (0.05 % + 15 mV)
  D/A converter (per channel) 14 Bit
  Slew rate (resistive load, 20 mA) Typ. 20 V/µs
  Output current Max. 150 mA
  Frequency of generated PWM signal 20 mHz … 25 kHz
Decade Resistor
  Resistance, channels 1 - 3 10 Ω … 10 kΩ
  Resistance, channel 4 1 Ω … 250 kΩ
  Tolerance (higher tolerance value applies) ±(2 % + 2 Ω)
  Current carrying capacity Max. 200 mA
  Load capacity Max. 3.5 W
  Switching time between two resistances Max. 500 µs
Potentiometer Simulation (Channel 1 only)
  Input potentiometer ref. voltage 0 … 40 V
  Input impedance Typ. 4 kΩ
Basic Data
  Supply voltage (via backplane) 12 V ±10 %
  Power consumption (all relays off) Typ. 3.5 W
  Power consumption (10 relays active) Typ. 5 W
  Temperature range 0 … 55 °C
  Dimensions (L x W x H) 300 x 173 x 36 mm
  Weight Approx. 400 g
  Calibration recommended every 12 months
  Accredited (pre/re) calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017


Schematic of one channel of the VT2004A

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