Conformance Tests Compactly Automated

Test Hardware for CAN and LIN Conformance Tests With CANoe

The VH1160 is a compact USB-based test hardware that automates ECU conformance tests for CAN and LIN. It is typically used by CANoe-based test implementations to automatically reset the ECU on the hardware side before each test case. Current measurement is used to determine the ECU states (sleep/wake-up). The ability to create short circuits on the network line allows you to perform simple tests on the robustness of an ECU. 


  • Simple connection via USB 2.0
  • Independent switchable power supply for car terminals 15, 30 and 31 with immediate status indication by LED
  • Easy sleep/wake-up monitoring of the ECU by program-controlled measurement of the current consumption
  • Output voltage can be set independently of the input voltage for terminals 15 and 30
  • Flexible power supply via standard table-top power supply or laboratory power supply
  • Comfortable control from CANoe

Application Areas

In order to test an ECU for conformity, various operating states must be set or measured automatically. For example, terminals have to be switched, an over- or undervoltage has to be set and possibly the current consumption has to be measured at the same time. The tests themselves may require a time-sensitive procedure that is no longer feasible with manual operation. The VH1160 was developed for this purpose. With its convenient connection to CANoe it serves as a power supply for ECUs in automated tests and shows its strengths in LIN conformance tests and in the CANoe Test Package VAG, among others.


  • Adjustable voltage from 2 to 28 V
  • Individual control for terminal 30, terminal 15 and terminal 31
  • Current measurement from 0 to 2.5 A
  • Ground offset at the control unit and at the LIN line
  • Limiting the recessive level of the LIN line
  • Short-circuit and interruption options for CAN and LIN lines
  • Analog and digital I/O connections

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Product Descriptions

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External voltage supply 12...24 V (±0.3 V accuracy),
5 A
Configurable output voltage
(ECU supply voltage)
2...28 V
(±60 mV accuracy)
Max. output current
(ECU current consumption)
2.5 A
(input voltage >18 V)
Current measurement range 0...2.5 A 
(accuracy 2 % of measurement value or 0.5 mA)
Temperature range 0...50 °C
(L x W x H)
166 x 109 x 45 mm
Weight 580 g
Ground offset:  
Shift in ECU ground potential 0...10 V
(duration depends on ECU current)
Shift in LIN ground potential
2.5...17.5 V
Accuracy ±50 mV
LIN recessive level:  
Adjustable limitation of the recessive level
3...28 V
CAN/LIN disturbance:  
CAN/LIN short circuit
CAN_H, CAN_L or LIN to GND/Vbatt, CAN_H, CAN_L to each other
CAN/LIN open circuit CAN_H, CAN_L or LIN
CAN Cross Wiring
(VH1160 is connected to CAN or LIN bus via Y cable)
Device I/O:  
D-Sub socket
Analog input measurement range 0...30 V
Analog output 0...15 V, ±5 mA
Digital input Switching threshold approx. 2 V
Digital output with pull-up Max. input current (low) 100 mA


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Component Version
Operating system Windows 7/8.1/10
CANoe  Version 8.1 SP3
FTDI driver Version 2.08.30 or higher


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