vTESTstudio 1.0.33 SP3

With vTESTstudio Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

  • Issue on configuration of FlexRay database solved.

With vTESTstudio Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

  • vTESTstudio now supports the bus system FlexRay.
  • Due to a connection to RQM/TDM systems (e.g. Vector vTESTcenter, IBM Rational DOORS) universal traceability of externally defined requirements and test descriptions can be achieved in the test implementation and in the test report.
  • System variables for the usage in the test design can now be defined directly in vTESTstudio.
  • The graphical Test Diagram Editor supports visual grouping for graphical elements.
  • Observing checks in the Test Table Editor can now be activated and deactivated at any time in the test sequence.
  • You can now define additional test unit properties (version, test designer …) that are visible within the test report.


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MD5 hash : 0bbb61fb0bbc1e61b04f31fa4fc33514
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