CANbedded J1939
Embedded Software Components for J1939 Applications

CANbedded J1939 - The Choice for Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Agricultural Machines

The CANbedded J1939 package contains software components for SAE J1939-based applications. These components provide functions for basic communication between ECUs, as they are needed in heavy-duty vehicles. CANbedded J1939 is based on software components of the CANbedded product line; for details please refer to the CANbedded datasheet. Vector CANbedded J1939 software components are available as source code.

An alternative to the OEM-specific CANbedded solution is the use of AUTOSAR basic software. Vector assists you in selecting the best solution for your special application.


  • Convenient configuration via GUI
  • Code efficiency due to broad configurability of the software
  • Good portability due to hardware-independent API
  • Easy to integrate other standard components (e.g. transport protocol, diagnostics, etc.)

Application Areas

  • Powertrain and chassis ECUs in heavy-duty vehicles
  • FMS (Fleet Management System)
  • Terminals and agricultural implements



CANbedded J1939 contains a J1939 communication stack with the following software components:

Contains queues for sending and receiving J1939 messages (PGNs), static address claiming (J1939 NM) and an interface to OSEK/VDX-OS and other operating systems. The IL provides standard access to the signals and parameters of PGNs with variable CAN identifiers (node address, priority). Optionally, the J1939 Base Module offers the ability to implement multiple ECUs with different ECU addresses on a single hardware unit (virtual ECU).

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The CAN driver handles sending and receiving of J1939 messages. It is hardware-dependent and is available for many commonly used microcontrollers.

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Transport protocol for broadcast messages per J1939-21.

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Transport protocol for point-to-point transmission per J1939-21.

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Support for dynamic address assignment per J1939-81.

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Routing of J1939 messages to other J1939 buses using configurable filter rules.

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ETP and FastPacket transport protocols, working sets.

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CANdesc is an embedded software component for OEM-specific diagnostics over KWP2000 according to ISO 14230 or UDS according to ISO 14229.

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Software component for transmitting data > 8 bytes according to ISO 15765-2. In addition, OEM-specific variants are available.

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MICROSAR OS is a preemptive real-time multitasking operating system with properties that are optimized for use in microcontrollers. The AUTOSAR specification for operating systems according to scalability class 1 is based on the OSEK/VDX standard. That is why MICROSAR OS gives you an alternative even for non-AUTOSAR environments.

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Product Description

Product Information:

CANbedded (PDF)


Supported controllers and compilers (PDF)

Supported OEMs:

List of supported OEMs (PDF)

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