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Vector Products from A to Z

We have a broad spectrum of solutions on hand and ready. And what we don’t have already, we will develop. That is our commitment to our customers.

Today's developments are driven by the continuing growth of technology, digitization and networking, in short: by growing complexity. To successfully develop networked systems in this context, you need reliable software or hardware tools, powerful embedded components as well as libraries and driver software. Your tasks will be simplified with Vector's solutions - that is our goal.

About 50 Vector products at a glance, sorted by letter of the alphabet, provide a quick entry with all the information you need.


Function library for reading and writing ASAP2 file
Create and edit ECU description files
Analysis of ECUs, entire networks and distributed systems
Measuring, calibrating and logging ECUs and ADAS sensors
CANape log Efficient and flexible logging of ADAS data
Specification of vehicle diagnostics
Multibus tool for test, simulation, diagnostics and analysis of ECUs, entire networks and distributed systems
CANoe Test Package EV Conformance and interoperability tests for e-vehicles
CANoe Test Package EVSE Conformance and interoperability tests for charging stations of e-vehicles
CAN conformance tests for Volkswagen based on CANoe
Automated testing of the diagnostic software in ECUs
CANoe4SW Tool for development, test, and analysis of software in cyber physical systems
BASELABS Create Embedded Data fusion development for automated driving functions
(Formerly DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite) Configuration tool for Adaptive MICROSAR software
Configuration of AUTOSAR basic software and the RTE
Designing AUTOSAR SWCs of an ECU
DYNA4 Efficient function development with virtual test driving in closed-loop system tests
Diagnostic tester
Function library for reading and writing MDF3 and MDF4 files
View and edit ODX diagnostic data
The E/E engineering solution
Squore Software analytics for efficient decision making in your project monitoring
TA Tool Suite
Optimal management of the timing behavior of AUTOSAR multi-core ECUs
Professional calibration data management
Managing parameter sets easily and traceably
Charging and load management software for charging stations
vConnect End-to-end OTA (Over the Air) framework, from back end to vehicle for OTA software updates, live diagnostics and data collection.
Automated testing activities across the software development lifecycle.
Flashing ECUs easily and quickly – over CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN or Ethernet
Professional measurement data management
Time-synchronous acquisition of different sources
vSECClib Software libraries for smart charging stations
Display, evaluate and document measurement data
Comfortable design of automated test sequences for embedded systems
Virtual development and test of AUTOSAR ECUs


Cables and adaptors for CAN, FlexRay, BroadR-Reach, Ethernet, OBD and K-Line
Bus transceiver for Vector for CAN (FD), LIN, K-Line, FlexRay, sensor and J1708 interfaces
RT Rack
High-performance industrial PC for real-time simulations with CANoe
CSM Measurement Modules Fast, precise and flexible measurements
Data logger family for various automotive applications
Smart Logger The intelligent logging solution for e-mobility and ADAS developments
ECUs especially for vehicle communication
Test hardware for CAN and LIN conformance tests with CANoe
VH4110 - IoT Enabler USB router for testing smart devices
VH5110 Specialist for "listening" to CCS-based communication between charging station (EVSE) and e-vehicle (EV)
VH6501 Precise and reproducible disturbances of CAN/CAN FD networks
Network interfaces for ARINC 429
VN1530/VN1531 Network interfaces for CAN, LIN
Network interfaces with USB interface for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, K-Line, J1708 and IO
Network interface with USB interface for MOST150
VN4610 Network interface for Car2X/V2X communication
VN5620/VN5430 Network interface for Automotive Ethernet (and CAN FD)
Ethernet interfaces for on-board applications
Network interface with PCIe interface for FlexRay, CAN FD, LIN and K-Line
Network interface with USB interface for CAN FD and FlexRay
Network interface with USB interface for CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, K-Line, J1708 and Ethernet
Intelligent diagnostic device
Modular network interface system for FlexRay, CAN FD, LIN and K-Line
VP6400 / VP7400 Powerful and robust hardware platforms for smart logger applications in ADAS projects
Universal controller for charging stations
Modular test environment for efficient ECU tests
Network interface for Ethernet/BroadR-Reach and CAN
Scalable ECU interfaces for maximum data transfer rates
VX1161 Compact measurement and calibration hardware for multiple ECUs

Embedded Software Components

MICROSAR Adaptive Dynamic AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Platform
MICROSAR Classic Basic software for AUTOSAR ECUs
Software components for CAN communication
Software components for J1939 applications
Software components for LIN communication
Software reprogramming of ECUs

Libraries and Drivers

Standardized vehicle communication via D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)
Vector Remote D-PDU API Remote Vehicle Communication via Standardized D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)
Use of Vector network interfaces for applications based on SAE J2534
Programming interface for accessing diagnostic interfaces of commercial vehicles
Driver library for the Vector network interfaces