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CAN technology is used in the automotive, industrial automation and aerospace industries, in which OEMs and suppliers are confronted with many types of challenges. Vector supports you with professional tools, basic software and services.

Trust in our more than 30 years experience as market leader for CAN networking and in our high-quality products and competent services. Achieve maximum efficiency for your projects by:

  • Comprehensive and powerful software tool chain for all CAN/CAN FD projects
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Watch our webinar recording "Introduction to CAN FD" and learn more about its difference to CAN and how the CANoe and CANalyzer software tools from Vector assist you in your CAN FD projects:


+++ CAN Moves Into the 10 Mbit/s Domain +++

Already Heard From CAN XL ?

Just a few years after the market launch of CAN FD, a new CAN variant, CAN XL, is on the start – sometimes viewed with a little suspicion. In fact, CAN XL owes less to the marketing strategy of electronics suppliers than it does to the dynamic development in automotive electronics over the last few years. In particular, the advent of automotive Ethernet with IP technologies is changing some things fundamentally. Currently, service-oriented communication is establishing itself in the vehicle parallel to signal-based communication. In this context, CAN XL provides the basis for efficient cooperation between IP technology and classic, signal-based communication. With data transmission speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s, it closes the gap between CAN FD and 100-Mbit Ethernet (100BASE-T1).

Discover CAN XL !

Webinar Recording "Introduction to CAN XL"

  • CAN XL basics – the main protocol concepts
  • CAN XL physical layer – advantages &limits
  • CAN XL and Ethernet – how does it fit together?
  • Outlook: CAN XL and middleware  – a glimpse into the future

Technical Articles by Our Experts 

Technical CAN XL Article (1/2)

"CAN XL Provides the Basis for Seamless Cooperation With Ethernet"


Open Article "Introduction" (PDF)
Technical CAN XL Article (2/2)

"IP Concepts With CAN XL − Transformation of SOME/IP Towards SOME/CAN"


Open Article "IP Concepts with CAN XL" (PDF)

E-Learning for CAN

E-Learning Modules

This E-Learning module is intended for all those who want to gain a better understanding of CAN communication technology. It is also ideal for all those who plan to participate in Vector training courses of the VectorAcademy.

37 free learning units lead you step by step to a better understanding of CAN technology.


Higher Layer Protocols

In addition to the CAN standard ISO 11898, there are a whole series of other protocols that can be set up on CAN or used with CAN. This also shows the manifold application possibilities of CAN in different application domains and industries.

Protocol Description
J1939 Standard for networking and communication in the commercial vehicle. The focal point of the application is the networking of the power train.
CANopen CAN protocol that defines communication and device functions for CAN-based systems. CANopen is a standardized network architecture used in industries such as railway, medical, industrial, agriculture, heavy truck & bus, marine, off-highway, factory automation, aerospace.
ISO 11783 CAN-based communication on open networks for mobile use in the agricultural sector. ISO 11783 is a multimaster network based on CAN, whose protocol is harmonized with J1939.
XCP Measurement and Calibration Protocol for optimal parameterization of ECUs

CAN FD SIC Transceiver

What is a CAN FD SIC Transceiver?

This technology provides features for building complex network topologies at higher communication bit rates.

With just a few sentences we have summarized the most important for you.

Wake-Up Pattern in CAN/CAN FD Networks

Revised Wake-Up Pattern 

With the ISO11898-2: 2016 specification, the wake-up pattern for classic CAN and especially for CAN FD networks has been revised: The new wake-up Pattern is significantly more robust than its predecessor from ISO 11898-5: 2007.

Our short article compares the wake-up patterns of the two ISO documents and describes how to create an appropriate wake-up pattern.

More Know-How

Fact Sheet:

Presentation Slides:

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Benefit from these presentations, expert tips and tool demonstrations:

Webinar Recording  
Introduction to CAN XL
January 2021, duration 55 min.
play recording
How to optimally disturb CAN/CAN FD networks with the new VH6501 interface
February 2018, duration 45 min.
play recording
Flashing ECUs over CAN/CAN FD, Ethernet, FlexRay or LIN with vFlash
November 2017, duration 45 min.
play recording
Introduction to CAN FD
January 2013, duration 50 min.
Speech Recording
High-speed reprogramming and calibration with CAN FD: A case study
Peter Decker, Vector Germany, at the 14th International CAN Conference in Paris; duration 18 min.
play recording


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Benefit from these most popular technical articles and conference papers: 

IP Concepts with CAN XL - Transformation of SOME/IP towards SOME/CAN
Transformational change in automotive communication systems (2/2)
August 2020 in Hanser automotive
CAN XL provides the basis for seamless cooperation with Ethernet
Transformational change in automotive communication systems (1/2)
July 2020 in Hanser automotive
Automated analysis for vehicle communication
CAN tools – then and now
March 2017 in CAN Newsletter
open the article
Eye diagram analysis for CAN FD - Fast identification of poor signal quality
December 2016 in CAN Newsletter
open the article
New communication paradigms in automotive networking - Ethernet and CAN FD are the new trailblazers
August 2015 in Automobil Elektronik
open the article
Secure communication for CAN FD
November 2014 in CAN Newsletter
CAN FD: Fast measurement and reprogramming
September 2014 in CAN Newsletter
CAN gets even better - Ways to transition from classic CAN to the improved CAN FD
April 2013 in Elektronik automotive
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Do you have technical questions and are looking for suitable answers? Our KnowledgeBase provides the most important!

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The clearly structured DIN A1 wall poster provides you with important technical details on the message structures of CAN and CAN FD.

You are provided with the most important innovations with regard to ISO 11898-1:2015 in compressed form.

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Seminar for CAN/CAN FD

If you would like to get detailed information on CAN/CAN FD just visit our "CAN Fundamentals" seminar.

You will get a general introduction to serial bus systems in the motor vehicle and a basic knowledge of CAN (Controller Area Network). This includes the characteristics of the physical characteristics of a CAN network and knowledge about characteristics of the CAN/CAN FD protocol.

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Vector Products for CAN

Graphic of the comprehensive CAN tool chain by Vector
The comprehensive CAN tool chain by Vector

No matter in which application area you use our products, you benefit from these advantages:

  • Practice-proven CAN products and competent services based on Vector’s many years of experience in automotive networking
  • Support of the improved CAN protocol CAN FD
  • Universal tool chain makes it easy to ­integrate new technologies in existing vehicle architectures


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