DaVinci Developer
Designing AUTOSAR Software Components

DaVinci Developer - Design AUTOSAR Software Components

DaVinci Developer is a tool for designing the architecture of software components (SWCs) for AUTOSAR ECUs.

Circle model of typical AUTOSAR projects. The DaVinci Developer is used in the phase Application Software Development.


  • User-friendly and easy design of AUTOSAR SWCs
  • Numerous graphic editing functions
  • Check the SWCs for AUTOSAR conformity
  • Link model-based development tools via ARXML
  • Available for AUTOSAR 3.x and 4.x projects

Application Area

Designing the SWC Architecture

  • Graphically define SWCs with extensive layout functions
  • Define port interfaces and data types
  • Define port prototypes with service needs and communication specification, e.g. initial values and timeouts
  • Create compositions
  • Manually and automatically link SWCs
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  • Create runnable entities with activation events and port access
  • Describe the exclusive areas
  • Define inter-runnable variables, per-instance memory and calibration parameters
  • Define service needs, e.g. for access to NV memory
  • Connect SWCs manually and automatically
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  • Display data mapping between SWC ports and network signals
  • Signal and port-oriented display
  • Manually create data mapping
  • Automatically create data mapping based on name
  • Generate port prototypes matching to the network signals
  • Support of data transformers for end-to-end protection and for SOME/IP
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  • Comprehensive consistency check of the SWCs
  • Considers consistency rules of the AUTOSAR specification for the SWC template and RTE
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This is an overview of the use cases and the required DaVinci products

Standard User Groups

Expert User Groups

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Highlights Version 4.4

Compatible with the Latest Standard

  • Supports ARXML files according to AUTOSAR 4.4

Optimized Usability

  • Separate display of composition SWCs in the Object Browser
  • Improved graphical user interface and icons to support high-resolution displays


  • Special import functions for updating the SWC architecture after a change has been made to the input data given by the OEM
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  • Automatically generate connectors between SWCs
  • Automatically generate data mapping between SWCs and network signals

  • Name-based search algorithm designed for typical OEM naming rules

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  • Representation of the data exchange in the ECU by analysis of the SWC architecture
  • Detailed analysis of the communication relationships on the level of individual data elements and network signals
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  • Shared ARXML files can be moved to DCF libraries
  • Include mechanism for write-protected loading of DCF libraries

DaVinci Developer is part of the MathWorks partner program.






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Option CPG: Contract-Phase Generation

  • Generate the header file and implementation template file for C-based applications
  • Update SWC implementation after change is made to SWC description
  • Note: If you use Option CPG, you can also execute Contract Phase Generation without a separate MICROSAR RTE generator.

Product Description

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Component Recommended Minimum
Processor1 Quad-Core Dual-Core
Memory (RAM) 16 GB 8 GB
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 1600 x 900
Operating System Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64 Bit) Windows 7 (64 Bit)


1 DaVinci Developer benefits from higher clock rates rather than higher number of cores.

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To configure the MICROSAR RTE, you will need the proper version of DaVinci Developer. You can find the version of DaVinci Developer that you need in the following compatibility matrices in our KnowlegdeBase.

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Do you want to know more about the basics of AUTOSAR and the AUTOSAR basic software and tools? Vector offers a 1-5-day modular AUTOSAR workshop. This deals with AUTOSAR 4 and AUTOSAR 3 alternately. According to the booked module...

  • you get to know the AUTOSAR methodology
  • you gain insights in all major subject areas of the ECU development
  • you get to know the specifics of some vehicle manufacturers
  • MICROSAR safe is presented - the Vector solution for safety-related ECUs according to ISO 26262.

Learn the details of each module in the training portal.


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