Smart Charge Communication Test Module

The VT7870 is a dedicated VT7900A application board for the test of smart charge communication according to ISO 15118. It can be used for testing of electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Smart Charge Communication Test Module: VT7870


Module Features

  • Simulation of electric vehicle (EV) or/and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
  • Test of control pilot PWM communication (CP)

    • Circuit according to IEC 61851-1 Annex A
    • Stimulation and measurement of PWM signal via System Variables in CANoe
    • External stimulation and measurement of PWM signal is possible

  • Powerline communication (PLC)

    • Integrated Devolo dLAN® Green PHY module
    • Ethernet connection to CANoe with RJ45 socket

  • Fault simulation of control pilot

    • Broken wire
    • Short circuit to protective earth (PE)

  • Simulation of component tolerances

    • Reproduction of capacitive load with integrated capacitance decade
    • Operation of relevant resistors with minimum, maximum and nominal values
    • Variation of PWM signal parameters (frequency, duty cycle, voltage)

  • Measurement of proximity contact (PP) voltage
  • Electrical isolation of application board against the remaining VT System

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