Power Supply Module

The VT7001A module can be used to control up to 2 power supply inputs of an ECU (e.g. terminals 15 and 30). As an alternative, 2 ECUs may be supplied separately, e.g. for testing differences in voltage supplies.

Power Supply Module: VT7001A


Module Features

  • 2 external power supplies can be connected
  • Internal power supply generates voltage for the ECU from the VT System power supply
  • 2 external and 1 internal power supplies may be connected to the 2 outputs to the ECU in various combinations
  • Ground lines of outputs can be interrupted (line break of terminal 31)
  • Relays for producing short circuits between the output lines
  • Measurement of output currents over a very wide range
  • Measurement of input and output voltages
  • Control of two external power supplies via control voltage or via electrically decoupled serial interfaces
  • Generation of arbitrary control voltage curve
  • Serial interface for driving an external display
  • Hardware synchronization with Vector network interfaces
  • The module supplies ground and battery voltage to the bus bars at additional pins

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