Dynamic AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Platform

The Solution for High-Performance ECUs according to AUTOSAR Adaptive

Adaptive MICROSAR is the Vector solution for vehicles with an E/E architecture based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. It provides the AUTOSAR Runtime for Adaptive Applications (ARA) and comprises an efficient development environment integrated in Eclipse. Adaptive MICROSAR targets high performance ECUs such as in-vehicle application servers, ADAS ECUs and infotainment systems. Vector provides you with a complete safety solution up to ASIL D, ranging from the hypervisor, the POSIX operating system to the ARA.

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Adaptive MICROSAR Advantages

  • Ready for series-production
  • Always up to date by continuous provision of software updates
  • Support of various POSIX-based operating systems
  • Development for safety-relevant applications up to ASIL D
  • Safety optimized C++ STL library
  • Quick start-up by included example projects

Complete System Setup

  • Delivery of safe hypervisor, safe operating system and safe Adaptive MICROSAR pre-integrated based on PikeOS
  • Optimized solution from a single source
  • Microkernel-based hard real-time operating system
  • Automotive Safety Case according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL D
  • Fast booting
  • Security measures against unauthorized access

Application Areas

  • High-performance ECUs for ADAS, multimedia and connectivity applications
  • Complex safety-relevant systems for highly automated driving
  • C++ development of AUTOSAR Adaptive applications
  • Vehicle independent software development (App-Store)



Adaptive MICROSAR developed by Vector includes production-ready software of the following clusters:

  • Communication (ara::com)
  • Execution Management (ara::exec)
  • Diagnostics (ara::diag)
  • Persistency (ara::per)
  • Logging and Tracing (ara::log)
  • Update and Configuration Management (ara::ucm)

In addition to the AUTOSAR standard, several useful extensions are already available:

  • Certifiable up to ASIL D for your safety-relevant projects
  • Complete SOME/IP binding including E2E protection
  • IPC binding for intra-machine communication for better performance and a simplified configuration
  • Live checks of your TCP connections
  • UDP Frame buffering to reduce network overhead
  • Configuration of Quality of Service priority in IP header
  • Optional static Service Discovery for a faster start-up
  • Fully preconfigured development environment as a virtual machine
  • XCP support for measurement and calibration

DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite

Advanced Configuration

DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite is the optimal tool for successfully configuring AUTOSAR Adaptive projects. In addition to the actual configuration, the DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite combines all other working steps for Adaptive MICROSAR from Vector.

Release Planning

The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform is still in evolution and continuously introduces new features. Stay up to date with your development using the Continuous Development Package from Vector. In addition, Vector maintains a defined software release for series production.

Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet:

Short overview of facts (PDF)

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AUTOSAR Adaptive Training | 1-2 days

Do you want to know more about AUTOSAR Adaptive? Vector offers a 1-2 day modular AUTOSAR training. Depending on the booked module, you gain knowledge on the following topics:

  • Overview and objectives, AUTOSAR Adaptive application, service oriented communication
  • Functional clusters, methodology of AUTOSAR Adaptive, implications and migration
  • Introduction AUTOSAR Adaptive in practice
  • Introduction to Adaptive MICROSAR (with exercise)
  • Exercises on middleware, persistency and execution management


Technical Sales Embedded Software and AUTOSAR

Technical Sales Embedded Software and AUTOSAR

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