Measurement Technology
Master the Entire Measurement Chain from A to Z

Master the Entire Measurement Chain from A to Z

In the framework of vehicle development, along with the measured data it is always necessary to also log and evaluate physical parameters such as temperature, voltage, acceleration and many more. In their pursuit of development success, automotive OEMs and suppliers face significant challenges in terms of measurement data rates and the reliability and flexibility of the tools that are being used.

They can complete their development projects faster and overcome growing complexity by using a perfectly tuned tool chain consisting of measurement modules, data loggers and software tools for online acquisition of measurement data, data analysis and data management. This enables them to master the entire measurement chain from A to Z.

Measuring quickly, precisely and flexibly: The mobile and extremely rugged measurement modules of our partner CSM have been optimized for use in vehicles and test benches. In addition to traditional application areas, Vector and CSM offer a product line of special high-voltage products to give you the best possible support in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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For analog measurement technology, Vector offers a complete line-up of high-performance software products for acquiring, analyzing and managing measurement data. The vMeasure exp software tool can be used to perform complex measurement tasks conveniently and efficiently. You get the best possible support: from configuration of the test setup to the acquisition of measurement data and its graphical evaluation.
Users can very quickly lose sight of what is important due to the sheer quantity of measurement data. You can use vSignalyzer to quickly evaluate measurement data of all types in a very user-friendly way. vMDM assists you with simple yet powerful instruments for data analysis and data mining, automatic report generation and systematic data storage – including in the Vector cloud.

vMeasure exp is measurement software that can be used flexibly. It assists you efficiently in the laboratory, at the test bench, in driving trials and durability tests. It makes it easy for you to acquire physical parameters, internal ECU signals and signals sent over the vehicle bus.
vSignalyzer is a convenient tool that lets you efficiently evaluate measurement data of all types. It gives measurement technicians extensive options for visualizing data as well as functions for manual and automated analysis and reporting.
vMDM is a simple yet powerful instrument for data analysis and data mining, automatic reporting and systematic data storage – including in the Vector cloud.
The MDF4 Lib is a powerful and easy-to-use function library. You can use the base version to validate MDF files, sort them and read them into your own applications.
MDF4 Lib

CSM Measurement Modules

Extremely rugged, compact, efficient and highly precise over the entire operating temperature range: These are the strengths of measurement modules from our partner CSM. CSM has been setting technological standards for years, especially in the area of decentralized measurement technology. The measurement modules have proven this with over 15 years continual use worldwide assuring easy measurement of temperatures, electrical voltages, mechanical stresses, rotational speeds, etc.

Reliable decentralized CAN measurement technology
Synchronous multi-channel and high-speed measurement technology based on EtherCAT
Measurement of high-voltage components with verified safety 
Small or large – connection-ready solutions for electrical current measurements


Data Loggers

The microcontroller-based CAN bus data loggers of CSM’s UniCAN 2 product line have performance characteristics that are usually only found in PC-based devices. At the same time they offer a high level of data security.

The UniCAN 2 Professional DCH is a stand-alone data logger with 4 CAN interfaces for acquiring measurement data and ECU information. The compact UniCAN 2 data logger’s range of applications is extended by its suitability for use in harsh and challenging environments.

The UniCAN 2 Professional is a microcontroller-based stand-alone data logger.
Bus system: CAN
If conditions are a bit harsher, the UniCAN 2 Professional DCH is the best choice with its rugged die-cast housing.
Bus system: CAN

Engineering Services & Training

Vector can assist you with its expertise and customized services so that you can concentrate fully on your measurement technology project.
Training courses related to measurement technology range from product training to technology fundamentals, e.g. for XCP