Vector is a Member of the Infineon Security Partner Network

Developing Efficient Security Solutions Together

Since years, Infineon and Vector have been working together on secure and efficient security solutions for the automotive industry. Infineon has established the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) to optimize the exchange of information with other partners. In this network, security experts from more than 25 member companies exchange information on security solutions for networked ECUs and applications in order to offer their customers the best possible products in accordance with current security aspects. These include, for example, tailor-made software solutions based on Infineon's hardware-based security products.

Vector contributes its expertise in the area of "cyber security mechanisms for networked vehicles" to the partner network. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers use Vector's security products to protect vehicle networks from cyberattacks. The combination of Infineon's AURIX microcontrollers with MICROSAR's security components offers a high-quality embedded security solution for ECUs that is ready for series production. MICROSAR includes e.g. a crypto stack, secure on-board communication (SecOC), an Ethernet firewall and an AUTOSAR-compliant, expandable and configurable HSM software solution.

This results in the following advantages for the user:

  • Only authentic software updates can be installed and executed on the ECUs
  • Communication between the vehicle and cloud services is protected against cyber attacks
  • Manipulation attempts to the inter ECU communication are detected
  • Services provided by the vehicle are protected against unauthorized access
  • Security anomalies can be recorded for forensic analysis
  • Efficient access to crypto primitives and key management to implement customer specific use cases

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