Squore 2020 – Advanced Monitoring Facilities to Meet Quality Objectives in Complex Systems

Squore 2020 provides new timelines and milestones views to enrich project's trends analysis, along with extended reporting flexibility. New coupling with CANoe allows to close the loop between requirements and test activities for comprehensive and seamless monitoring of complex systems developments.

Integration with vTESTstudio and CANoe for Seamless Monitoring of Complex Systems

Meeting real industrial needs, Squore connects with vTESTstudio and CANoe to close the loop and ensure full traceability between requirements, test specifications and test results.

Based on a fully automated workflow, Squore offers a Unified Analytics Dashboard for vTESTstudio and CANoe and provides a new"Requirement Satisfaction" KPI by calculating multi-level requirements tests coverage from test results.


Simplified Monitoring with a New Timeline for Project's Tasks

Refining the complete refurbishing of the home screen started in 2019, a new timeline was added to ease the follow-up of project's tasks.


Quick and Synthetic View of Project Milestones

A new table centralizes in a single place the list of detailed goals by milestone, throughout the different versions of a project. This allows user to obtain an immediate and synthetic view of all goals associated to each milestone.


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