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Multisensor Application Development Just Got Easier: vADASdeveloper Now Supports Protocol Buffers and Raw MDF

Our universal ADAS development solution for data recording, algorithm development, stimulation and quick visualization of processing results, just received a major update to version 4.0.


We just released vADASdeveloper 4.0 


With vADASdeveloper 4.0, 

  • you can now use *.protobuf serialised data objects (Protocol Buffers) and raw byte array data from MDF files in your development workflows,
  • you can use graphic files as GFX graphic objects,
  • you can toggle GFX graphic objects during runtime with the new "ADAS Explorer",
  • you can calibrate your cameras more easily with the enhanced Camera Calibration Wizard,
  • and you can create new components quicker by using the New Component Wizard.


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Protocol Buffers? What's that?

Protocol Buffers are a language-neutral, platform-neutral extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. Comparable to XML but smaller, faster and simpler. After defining how you want your data structured once, you can use special generated source code to easily write and read your strucured data to and from a variety of data streams with a wide variety of languages. Protocol Buffers are developed by Google and you can find out more on their respective developer website: