vMeasure exp 3.0 SP6

Updates existing installations of version 3.0 to 3.0 SP6.

The following changes will become effective with SP6:

Communication Protocols

  • Support of ETAS ES8xx devices has been expanded.


  • The script-based AVI file name resolution has been improved.
  • Application freeze under certain conditions when stopping a triggered measurement with video source has been fixed.

Working with Measurement Files

  • The export of measurement signals from nested structures into MATLAB format will limit the signal names to the allowed size.
  • Measurement export converter will use the source information defined in the LAB if the option to use the source is enabled.

Measurement Data Management

  • From now on, cloud folders (e.g. OneDrive) are ignored by local vMDM.
  • In User Settings of vMDM Admin tool you now can adjust the expected file transfer quality in case of problems with upload or download of files (e.g. for home office).
  • Fixed an issue which prevented loading of vMDM AddIn after an update installation.
  • Float values are displayed with decimal places in the vMDM Explorer.
  • A sporadic freeze of the vMDM Explorer after changing the project was fixed.


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