vADASdeveloper 5.0


  • New GFX object type to display 'CAD Model' in the scene view
  • New GFX object type 5th order 'Polynomial'
  • New GFX object type 'Polyline'
  • New GFX object type 'Polygon'
  • New GFX object type 'Line'


  • Selection of GFX-Objects and display of their properties and source object properties in a dialog
  • More convenience in the GFX-Adapter in display and handling

Known Issues:

  • CANape component binaries from 4.0 also in 5.0
    vADASdeveloper 5.0 uses the CANape component binaries that were already used with vADASdeveloper 4.0. No additional installation is performed.

    Tip: In case you uninstall vADASdeveloper 4.0 keep Vector vADASdeveloper CANape 4.0 still installed.


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