CANape 17.0 SP4 HF2

Categoria : Service Pack
Tamanho : 2.49 GB
MD5 hash : d1ff3b2813a9604c6822c3ab513a473b

Updates existing installations of version 17.0 to 17.0.42 SP4 Hotfix 2. The following changes become effective with version 17.0.42:

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • DAQ consistency mode event: An error that caused misinterpretation of DAQ data in certain circumstances was fixed.
  • Support of CAN-FD AUTOSAR 4.3.1 Container-I-PDUs during measurement and offline analysis.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Vector Logging Converter: A problem during conversion of BLF signals with FIBEX 4.1.1 databases was fixed.
  • Data Mining can now be used when running CANape in Analysis Mode (with vSignalyzer license) as specified.

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