DaVinci Developer 3.12.4

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.12.4. For the operation a license of version 3.12 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4. AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.

With Version 3.12 Build 4, the following changes become effective:


This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4.

For AUTOSAR 3 please use DaVinci Developer Version 3.7

Tool features

  • AUTOSAR schema 4.2.2 is now supported
  • Variable array size handling has been adapted to AUTOSAR 4.2.2 specification
  • The "Activation Reasons" can now be specified at the runnables and assigned to a trigger
  • The port interface mapping now supports sub-element mapping for Rx-Group Signals

Usability enhancements

  • An additional check has been implemented to ensure that the compu-method category of implementation data types is either BITFIELD_TEXTTABLE or TEXTTABLE

Fixed issues

  • It wasn't possible to map a leaf data element of a complex data element to a group signal if the complex data element itself contained one or more complex data elements.
  • Data mapping contained invalid references to elements of multi-dimensional arrays if a signal group and its group signals are mapped to a multi-dimensional array.
  • Installer text was truncated if the setup process has been interrupted manually before completion
  • Data types in AUTOSAR3 format loosed their compu-method during import into an AUTOSAR 4 workspace.


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