DaVinci Developer 3.12.22 SP2

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.12.22 (SP2). For the operation a license of version 3.12 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4. AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.


This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4.
AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.

With Service Pack 2 (Update to 3.12 Build 22), the following changes become effective:

Tool features

  • Mapping of CharacteristicTable and Axis application data types to the corresponding Record and Array implementation data types has been added
  • Service need support has been completed according to AUTOSAR 4.2.2
  • Find function for objects with duplicate UUIDs has been added

Usability enhancements

  • Interaction and error handling between DaVinci Configurator and DaVinci Developer has been enhanced to get more information during project update
  • Additionally merged usability enhancements from service packs of previous releases:

    • Search of unused Data-Types has been split to allow separate search for Application and Implementation Data-Types
    • Data-Type mapping can be optionally ignored for easier finding of unused Application/Implementation types
    • The range setting of 0..0 for CompuScales which didn't define an upper/lower limit is now supported as optional in ARXML export
    • DVImEx command line tool now prints timestamps in the log output
    • Using the 'OpenWith' functionality in Windows Explorer now checks if the correct DaVinci Developer version is used for a referenced .dpa project

Fixed issues

  • No error was returned to DaVinci Configurator if a project update fails due to an invalid ARXML file
  • Consistency check 40284 concerning multiple used names appeared without further name information
  • A constant's unit wasn't imported if a communication specification contained an application value specification with a unit reference
  • Unmap of a variant data-mapping crashed if it have been previously mapped after saving the workspace.
  • Additionally merged issues from service packs of previous releases:

    • Port-Interface was listed as unused even if a blueprint port prototype or an interface mapping existed
    • Object usage on a port interfaces didn't show the referencing port interface mapping set
    • It was unable to define a init value at the ComSpec because the properties button wasn't visible
    • Crash during SWC check on runnable data accesses by value has been fixed
    • Error message during workspace saving leaded into a crash if the option "Delete unreferenced files from DCF Workspace" was set
    • Invalid value of a implementation record couldn't be set if the dialog changes weren't applied immediately
    • Import didn't not support the merge of multi-mapping of NvBlockDescriptors
    • Renaming of End-to-End protections could cause problems during later updates because the End-to-End protections couldn't be found anymore
    • Compatibility of Application Value and Constant Reference wasn't checked
    • Data-Type element information wasn't stored correctly at the root data type and vice versa
    • The exported or saved component type file didn't contained all runnables
    • Multiple System-Mappings (e.g. one for data mappings and another one for pnc mappings) couldn't be imported correctly.
    • Loading a workspace was aborted with a NullReferenceException if the project contained multiple identical data mappings with unresolvable references
    • ARXML import didn't succeed due to an endless loop if the ARXML contained array definitions with a huge array size
    • Application ports couldn't be assigned anymore at the RoleBasedPortAssignments
    • Mode Declaration Value range wasn't checked and the value was set to 0
    • Search function didn't find all objects of type "Blueprint" or "Blueprint Mapping Set"
    • Function "Replace legacy data types" wasn't executed if LibraryBrowser had the focus
    • Wrong unused item was deleted if item with the same name existed in different packages
    • Physical to internal compu scales weren't displayed and were deleted when leaving the dialog
    • The data transformation flag of a signal couldn't be set due to a read-only checkbox in the dialog
    • Bitfields greater than 31 bits weren't handles correctly in consistency check and dialog
    • Offset of End-to-End Protection profile 5 wasn't editable
    • Signal group dialog accidently allows editing the signal group name and group signal set
    • Create port prototype threw an "Invalid pointer" exception if signals of a signal group didn't have a base-type defined
    • ARXML export wasn't possible with multi selection of Port Blueprints or Blueprint Mappings Sets
    • Consistency check 40439 didn't reflect AUTOSAR constr_1295 correctly
    • Crash during SWC check on runnable data accesses by value has been fixed
    • Contract phase generation couldn't be used at the ECU-Project
    • When using the "Propagate Alive Timeout" function a wrong value was set after loading the value from the communication extract
    • Multi-select unmap of data mapping didn't work for complex data elements
    • Renaming a package didn't work correctly for DCF workspaces
    • Data-mapping of atomic ports lead to "Unsupported communication pattern" errors because create ECU-Delegation port didn't consider new connections
    • Create Port Prototypes didn't reference newly created global constants
    • Constant References could be created without a destination constant
    • Invalid mode accesses are created while importing an AUTOSAR3 file with P-Ports into an AUTOSAR4 workspace
    • Rte generator threw an error "[Internal Error] RTE - Could not read GenAPI data" if an argument order index of an Operation-Prototype wasn't unique
    • Data-Mapping wasn't correct if a signal was received as single signal and was contained but not received as part of a group
    • Update in the package view was missing when short-names have been changed
    • Signals couldn't be mapped on primitive data elements if they were part of a signal group
    • EnableUpdate flag handling in the Com-Spec dialog was wrong if UsesE2EProtection flag was cleared
    • The attributes of a NvMBlockServiceNeed couldn't be edited via a PIM
    • Create Port from Signal didn't create init values correctly
    • Object-Usage of port prototype blueprint didn't show the referencing objects
    • Object-Usage dialog didn't display the correct icons in all cases
    • The menu commands for generation of "Contract Phase Headers" and "Component Implementation Templates" were mixed up
    • Obsolete RoleBasedPortAssignments were not deleted
    • Port terminator annotation wasn't always persistent


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