DaVinci Developer 3.11.8

Categoria : Service Pack
Tamanho : 161.47 MB
MD5 hash : 0cbc6e1d292b927157d8f45366bdc092

With Version 3.11 Build 8, the following changes become effective:


This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4.

For AUTOSAR 3 please use DaVinci Developer Version 3.7

Tool features

  • COM-based Transformer can now be configured; supporting End-to-End Protection profiles 1+2
  • Enhancements of NV Block SWC:

    • supporting now also Client/Server- and ModeSwitch-interfaces
    • explicit modelling of different writing strategies
    • multiple NvBlock to port mappings for dual-sided RAM block access

Usability enhancements

  • Enhanced contract phase template generation dialog; automatically offers the Rte generator from the referenced SIP if available
  • Enhanced tool interaction allows to create Service-Ports directly from within DaVinci Configurator Pro

Fixed issues

  • In rare cases the library tree contained obsolete items due to a missing update
  • UUIDs of SwcServiceDependencies and NvBlockDescriptors were missing in the ARXML export
  • Tool crashed when a locked component type was assigned to the DataTypeMappingSet in the Data-Type-Mapping-Set dialog
  • If the workspace was part of a DPA project a XML parser error code 0x800C0006 was shown when opening a DCF workspace from Windows Explorer with a double click

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