AUTOSAR System and Software Design
PREEvision Use Case

PREEvision – The Solution for an Integrated AUTOSAR Design Workflow

PREEvision AUTOSAR System Software and Communication Design
Integrated AUTOSAR Design with PREEvision.

With PREEvision, consistent development of software and hardware architectures using many AUTOSAR concepts is possible.

PREEvision supports both an abstract system description as a network of logical functions with their ports and connections as well as an AUTOSAR compliant modeling of software components, ports and interfaces, for both AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive.

In all approaches, the logical functions or the software components with their interfaces and ports can be modeled in table editors or graphically in various diagrams. Already specified hardware and software components can be reused across product lines or integrated into the system via import.


  • Graphical modeling of software architectures
  • Support of the AUTOSAR software component template
  • Import and export of AUTOSAR 4
  • Automatic synchronization of software types, prototypes and instances
  • Library concept for management of software components, interfaces and data types
  • Consistency checks for verifying AUTOSAR compliant modeling
  • Functions for combination, relocation and division of software components and automatic connection of ports

The Use Case

The software functionality of the entire vehicle is defined in AUTOSAR as a system of software components that are interconnected via ports and exchange information via interfaces.

PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication Design Workflow
Consistent AUTOSAR design from software and hardware design to mapping to communication design.

PREEvision supports either a function-oriented or a service-oriented design and provides diagrams and tables to model an AUTOSAR compliant system and software architecture. PREEvision also supports the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform to meet the demands of the latest automotive trends.

Functions / Features

Service-Oriented Design

PREEvision UML-based SOA Diagram
PREEvision provides the UML-based SOA diagram for service-oriented architecture development.

PREEvision supports the classic function-oriented approach as well as a service-oriented architecture (SOA) design. For a service-oriented design, PREEvision offers a SOA diagram for the modeling of services and their service interfaces. For the implementation of services the classic approach with software components that are distributed onto hardware components is used.

Software Design

PREEvision AUTOSAR Software Design
Graphic modeling of software architectures via diagrams.

The software functionality of the entire vehicle is defined in AUTOSAR as a system of software components that are interconnected via ports and exchange information via interfaces. PREEvision supports the type-prototype-instance concept of AUTOSAR.

The automatic synchronization ensures a consistent model at all times no matter if types are first created in the library and prototypes derived from that or if prototypes are used directly for modeling. Consistency checks help here as well.

For development of the software system, which is also designated in AUTOSAR as the Virtual Functional Bus (VFB), PREEvision offers the following functions:

  • Diagrams for graphic modeling of software architectures
  • Automatic synchronization of software types, prototypes, and instances
  • Library concept for management of software components, interfaces, and data types
  • Software design is supported through:
    • Combining, shifting, and splitting of software components
    • Automatic connection of ports
    • Propagation of port interfaces
    • Dedicated editors and views for creating and editing ports, connections, interface assignments
    • Self-defined custom attributes for special requirements


In many cases, a topology, i.e., a hardware design, is available for the vehicle network. If this is not the case, the network topology must be described. A vehicle network consists of hardware components such as electronic control units (ECU), high-performance computers (HPC), sensors, actuators, bus connections, and bus systems. PREEvision supports development and description of the hardware with features and functions like:

  • Diagrams for graphic modeling of hardware architectures
  • Reuse of hardware components
  • Type changes of hardware components
  • Type changes of buses

Software Hardware Mapping

PREEvision AUTOSAR Software Hardware Mapping
Easy creation of software hardware mappings.

The software components are mapped to hardware components. This step defines which data is processed within a hardware component and which is exchanged between hardware components via the bus system. PREEvision supports the software hardware mapping with this features:

  • The Mapping-Editor allows an easy creation of mappings
  • Mappings are handled like any other development artifacts and underly version control
  • Mappings can be displayed in diagrams

AUTOSAR Communication Design

The software-hardware mapping defines which data elements will be transmitted internally and which will be transmitted over the bus. PREEvision supports the AUTOSAR communication design for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay or Ethernet bus systems.

PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication - Service and Ethernet Design
Service and communication design for Ethernet in PREEvision.

Code Storage

PREEvision AUTOSAR Type-Prototype-Instance Concept
Modeling of component network and individual software components, including internal behavior.

Thanks to the integrated SVN server of the Collaboration Platform, PREEvision also manages the implementation artifacts of the software components. They are subject to version and release management.

AUTOSAR Import and Export

Descriptions of, for example, software components or a complete ECU extract for the supplier can be exported from PREEvision and forwarded.


AUTOSAR Version System Description Software Component Description ECU Extract System Extract
4.0.3 Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.1.1 Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.2.2* Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.3.0** Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.3.1*** Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.4.0*** Import/Export Import/Export Export Export


The table shows which AUTOSAR formats can be exported in which AUTOSAR version (*since PREEvision 8.0, **since PREEvision 9.0, ***since PREEvision 9.5). On request you receive detailed information for support of the ARXML schema. Formats for AUTOSAR Adaptive are separately listed.

AUTOSAR Toolchain

PREEvision is part of the Vector AUTOSAR tool chain and works with CANoe, DaVinci Developer and DaVinci Configurator Pro.

PREEvision AUTOSAR Toolchain
Vector tools and exchange formats for AUTOSAR compliant software and communication design.

Integrated AUTOSAR Design

AUTOSAR design with PREEvision is integrated into the other design activities. Efficient use of the tool is made possible through its overall similar principle of operation and uniform look and feel. There is no need to learn every individual function in advance.

Integrated requirements management means that requirements can, for example, be created or imported and linked with the AUTOSAR elements. PREEvision supports requirements management with the following functions:

  • RIF import of requirements

  • Specification of the customer function catalog

  • Specification of abstract logical architecture that represents the hardware and software implementation

  • Modeling of control sequences as event chains for implementation of customer functions

  • Mapping of requirements to software components

  • Automatic creation of requirements documents

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Project planning, project tracking, and change management are indispensable within the framework of software development projects. In PREEvision they relate directly to the AUTOSAR elements. As a result, the status of development is available at any time.

  • Integrated project planning and tracking
  • Integrated change management
  • Version, branch, baseline
  • Compare and merge functions
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PREEvision AUTOSAR Design Workflow - Reuses
Easy reuse software components within the PREEvision AUTOSAR workflow.

Previously specified and developed hardware and software components can be easily reused with PREEvision. PREEvision supports reuse within a product line as well as across product lines.

  • Support for multiple product lines
  • Reuse of components in various product lines
  • Automatic creation of requirements documents
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Vehicle variants are usually derived from a product line that includes all equipment features of a complete vehicle series ("150% model"). These include, for example, different and mutually exclusive drive concepts. PREEvision supports variant management with a feature model with logic conditions between the features:

  • Integrated feature tree modeling including automatic feature-based product derivation

  • Configurable rules for automatic propagation

  • Consistency checks

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In general, product development is not carried out exclusively at the automobile manufacturer (OEM) but rather involves one or more suppliers. PREEvision provides a bi-directional communication interface.

  • AUTOSAR formats (ECU extract, software component description, etc.) and reports can be generated
  • Changes and corrections on the part of the supplier can be imported
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Quality assurance is used by the automobile manufacturer to test the hardware and software components received from the supplier against the specification. The integrated test engineering and test management of PREEvision supports a large number of tests:

  • Requirement-based testing
  • Feature tests
  • Component tests
  • Integration and system tests
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Generally, multiple teams work on an AUTOSAR design. The existence of a central data source (single source), the traceability of dependencies across the entire system and all technical layers as well as assurance of consistent syntax and semantics are the main tasks of the collaboration environment of PREEvision:

  • Shared central database
  • Homogeneous dataset
  • No expensive merging of data
  • Controlled data access through roles and rights management
  • Automated lock concept for preventing data collisions
  • Traceability and consistency of development of all artifacts through version control
  • Management of work flows tuned to the specific organization through configurable life cycle models
  • Integrated product and release management as well as change management
  • File management using SVN connection
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PREEvision Brochure

An introduction to Vectors E/E engineering solution and its comprehensive functions.

Download File (PDF)
PREEvision Poster

An overview infographic of PREEvision's data model and abstraction layers.

Download File (PDF)


Bridging the Gap Between AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Systems

Service-oriented software architectures

AUTOSAR Adaptive can be introduced successfully if the hardware and software that is based on AUTOSAR Adaptive works well with the existing AUTOSAR Classic system components. Full implementation throughout the system – including when implementation takes place on different platforms – will be one of the next major challenges in E/E development. Service-oriented architectures can bridge the gap between two worlds.

Translation of a German-language publication "Elektronik automotive", issue 11/2019


Eye On the Whole System

Why consistent implementation of the AUTOSAR system view is worth it

Started thirteen years ago, the AUTOSAR standards enables efficient electric/electronic development today. Besides continuous additions in recent years, the systems thinking remains a mainstay of the standard. Rather than focusing on the individual ECU or on a communication bus, AUTOSAR always looks at the whole system. This system view is playing a more and more important role in the digitization of the automotive industry and, together with the “Adaptive Platform”, is paving the way for the next generation of vehicle electronic systems.

Translation of a German-language publication "Elektronik automotive", issue 10/2016


AUTOSAR Glossary

The AUTOSAR Classic software modules always in your pocket

This pocket-sized book compiles all important terms from the AUTOSAR Classic specifications 4.0 to 4.4 plus R19-11 (4.5).

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Model-Based E/E Development with PREEvision

From Architecture Design to Series Production

PREEvision offers a comprehensive modeling language to describe all aspects of e/e systems. All engineers involved in the development process find tailored diagrams and editors for their work. And all in one integrated tool. Software engineers design an AUTOSAR-compliant software structure consisting of interconnected software components and their interfaces, for example.

Playing time 4:00 minutes, published 3/2018

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