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Release Vector Logger Suite 4.0 SP1

Highlight: Vector Logger Cloud with Data Management via vMDM

Vector Logger Cloud:

The Logger Cloud solution was extended by the powerful data management via vMDM. The vLoggerCloud subscription includes vMDM fun* with the basic functions of vMDM:

  • Overview of all recorded data sets:
    The vMDM Client filters data sets based on metadata. Complex queries can be easily created and saved for reuse.
  • Conversion of data in the cloud:
    The original data can be converted in the cloud into various target formats. The automatic conversion of GL Logger data to MDF allows seamless use in vSignalyzer/CANape. Other export formats are MATLAB or Excel.

    For the full range of functions including reporting, data mining and extended management of user rights, vMDM pro is required.
    *fun = fundamental

The dialog “Network & Server Settings” has been improved and the workflow for the entire cloud configuration, such as the registration of new loggers, has been optimized.


All GL Logger:

  • Logging data:
    • Logging data can now be split into larger blocks of up to 100 days.
    • The export to ADTF has been extended by CAN FD and Ethernet.

  • Support of data rates for CAN/CAN FD which are not divisible by 1 kbit/s.

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Download Vector Logger Suite 4.0 SP1