CANdelaStudio 7.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 7.0 to 7.0 SP2. Not suitable for versions older than 7.0.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective (SP1 is contained):

Issues Solved:

  • Corrections to wizard for editing environment data of protocol  service 19 06 (EIP11966, EIP20505): if you replace a referenced  diagnostic instance by a copy, also copy the involved text tables.
  • Preserve modifications in sorted list of wizard for editing environment data of protocol service 19 06 (EIP11966, EIP19992)
  • Translation view: avoid error message about translation that already exists (EIP20498)
  • Do not delete a DTC when cutting it (EIP18727)
  • Corrected search for byte sequences (now detect prefix sequences, EIP20620)
  • Preserve more than 6 digits precision in float numbers (EIP21148)
  • Avoid unnecessary warnings about CAN Functional Addressing for SingleFrame (EIP19984)
  • Excel 2000 not found under Windows 7 for DTC Excel Import (EIP20412)
  • Do not allow to break "Required as reference" diagnostic instance authorization by changing activation (EIP21031)
  • Avoid issue when changing a data type inside a Mux case (EIP21103)

User Interface:

  • Improved compare view (accessibe via "Select as Left Side"/"Compare  to", responsiveness, filters, search, navigate to left/right object in  document, details window with extra information, multi-selection for  upgrade, manual mapping of mismatching template objects, direct  comparison of referenced datatypes, differences in languages which are  not displayed)
  • Improved performance of DTC GUI and import (EIP19572, EIP20030)
  • Preserve sort order in datatypes and diagnostic instances list (EIP17003)
  • Provide mass change of data types for multi-selected data objects (EIP12236)
  • Provide mass change for "Assigned text" and "Additional info" (EIP3718)
  • Provide inspection of object properties in telegram table in a packet data type opened from within a diagnostic instance
  • Improve inspection of referenced DTCs (EIP20726)
  • Convenient creation of ranges for VSG Identifying Patterns (EIP16291)
  • Split confirmation settings for insertion and deletion of diagnostic instances (EIP11135)

Other Improvements:

  • Export CANdelaStudio version into CDI file (EIP20524)
  • Install Effective ODX viewer even if older version already exists (EIP20198)
  • Improve the heuristics to locate GraphViz (e.g. under Win7 64 bit, search also in "C:\Program Files (x86)") (EIP20544)
  • Show SPN and FMI column (J1939) in DTC list not only for UDS
  • Example template UDSonCAN-Example-multilang.cddt: avoid Japanese string for Addressing scheme (EIP20910)
  • Do not truncate File dialog (EIP20171)

Data Exchange:

  • Ensure COMPARAM-SPEC is contained in exported PDX file (EIP19920)

Customer Specific:

  • Do not copy TextID after opening data object property page (EIP21110)
  • Warn for duplicate values of DTC attribute "DTC-Error-Name" (EIP17768)
  • Correction of CDI file export for FRFM (EIP20563)
  • Display default string even without VCK support (EIP20963)
    Variant coding diagnostic instance

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