Indigo 4.2 SP3 (64 bit)

Updates existing installations of version 4.2 to 4.2 SP3 Patch 3. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • New Diagnostic View: OBD Sensor Data Graphical. (EIP3207)
    Now Indigo supports displaying graphs of OBD sensor data (Powertrain Diagnostic Data).
  • OBD: Display ratio for IUMPR in "In-Use Performance Tracking" view. (EIP38117)
    Indigo now displays in the completely reworked In-Use Performance Tracking view the monitor completion counts, the monitor conditions encountered counts and the ratio of both values.
  • PDF Reports. (EIP9806)
    In addition to reports in HTML format Indigo now also supports reports in PDF-format and RTF-format.
  • Parametrizer: Provide option to skip read-before-write. (EIP38379)
    The newly introduced options "ParametrizerReadBeforeWrite" and "ParametrizerReadAfterWrite" allow skipping read-before-write and read-after-write.
  • DTC Inspector: Display DTCs from diagnostic database if ReadSupportedDtcs is not available. (EIP38448)
    If the ECU or protocol is not supporting ReadSupportedDtcs the DTC Inspector view is not displaying any supported DTCs. The internal DTC list from the diagnostic database is sufficient to retrieve supported DTCs in case of any error.
  • Several smaller improvements implemented.

Issues solved

  • Fault Memory: Clear DTCs is not using configured GroupOfDtc from diagnostic database. (EIP38447)
    When clearing DTCs is called, Indigo always used the GroupOfDtc [0x] FF FF (KWP) or [0x] FF FF FF (UDS). The fix uses now the data configured in the diagnostic database (CDD / ODX).
  • Several smaller issues solved.


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