Making On-Train Monitoring Recorder Data Easy to Interpret: Understanding Train Performance Using Data Analysis

The article describes an innovative monitoring concept for health and performance assessment of suburban electric multiple unit trains (EMUs) developed by Fishbone Solutions. A key factor behind this project was the desire to avoid installing extra hardware. Instead, useful engineering information should be extracted from operational data that was already being collected by the On-Train Monitoring Recorder (OMTR). OTMR records various channels of operational data, such as speed, acceleration, throttle position, brake setting and brake cylinder pressure, at time intervals typically down to 0·1 sec. In terms of data analytics, the key outputs are graphs and tables, which are not always easy to interpret when looking for a simple fix to a problem. This is where Vector stepped in, providing a CANape setup to analyse the data captured in the OMTR and to present performance and condition data in a more visual way.

Published in Railway Gazette International, 11/2017

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