CANalyzer .J1939
Network Analysis Tool CANalyzer .J1939

Comprehensive ECU and Network Analysis for J1939 Users

SAE J1939 is a communication protocol based on CAN for the data exchange between control units in the area of commercial vehicles. It originates from the international Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and operates on the physical layer with high-speed CAN per ISO 11898. J1939 is a multimaster system with decentralized network management and primarily connection-less communication.

CANalyzer .J1939 can be used wherever J1939 networks are developed, diagnosed, and tested. Networks can also be simulated to a limited extent.

CANalyzer .J1939 can be used to monitor and debug other J1939 networks, since the SAE J1939 specification is the basis for NMEA 2000, ISO 11783, ISO 11992 (Truck & Trailer), FMS (Fleet Management System) and GB/T 27930 networks. In combination with the .J1587 Option it offers a uniform approach to systems that extend across bus boundaries with a common time base.


  • Integrated configuration and analysis tool for electronic components in commercial vehicles from a single source
  • Fast device development by use of databases with predifined standard objects
  • Comfortable programming interface reduces the familiarization with the J1939 specification


CANalyzer .J1939 expands the standard functionality of CANalyzer with:

Protocol-specific display, checks, interpretation, filters and search functions in the Trace window

  • Support for the BAM , CMDT and Fast Packet transport protocols
  • Graphic display of the network nodes (scanner)
  • J1939 Filter in the measurement setup
  • Expanded database
  • Expanded Generator Block
  • J1939-specific programming functional properties in CAPL
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Monitor (DTC Monitor)
  • Diagnostic Memory window
  • OBD Inspection and Maintenance Monitor
  • GNSS-Simulator, GNSS-Monitor and GPS Window
  • Support of J1939 AUTOSAR 4.2.2 System Descriptions

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CANalyzer .J1939 Seminars

CANalyzer .J1939 provides a variety of possibilities for developing, diagnosing, and testing J1939 systems. But only those who are familiar with these options can fully tap the potential and save time and money.

Take advantage of our training and education offers in order to make even more efficient use of CANalyzer .J1939 in your day-to-day work!

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