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White Paper: VectorCAST Tool Qualification for ISO 26262

Software is playing an increasingly important role in the development of today's vehicle systems and is developed according to ISO 26262-6:2018, the standard for the development of software for safety-related systems in road vehicles. This also includes information on tool qualification in the section "confidence in the use of software tools" and outlines the requirements for tool qualification.

The VectorCAST test automation platform supports the development of safety-critical software projects up to the highest criticality levels in all industries for more than 20 years. This makes it a perfect choice for testing software in the areas of ADAS, autonomous driving, control systems, HIL systems, and other related software.

VectorCAST Validation Kit for ISO 26262 is a package of certification artifacts and tools. It provides a tool qualification test suite to help developers using VectorCAST products in ISO 26262 projects.

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