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The „Vector Logger Configurator“ is now called „Vector Logger Suite“!

Vector Logger Suite:  

  • The redesigned, modern graphical user interface of the Vector Logger Suite enables optimal operation for the entire workflow from configuring the data loggers, readout and converting logging data to remote access via the cloud.
    • Optimal usability
    • Modularization of the user interface by arrangement into configuration, access to logging data and cloud features 
    • Clearly arranged ribbon 


GL5000 family:

  • SSDs can now also be formatted exFAT. This is a modern file system optimized for flash memory that improves long-term performance and stability. (SSDs formatted in this way can no longer be used in the GL3000/GL4000 family).
  • The new protocol file connection.log supports troubleshooting of connection problems to the cloud


GL2000 family:

  • For increased security requirements, Seed & Key algorithms, which are used to enable CCP/XCP and diagnostic functions of control units, can be additionally encrypted. If required, these can also be bound to the serial number of a logger.


All GL loggers:

  • Diagnostics:
    • Statistic view for signals with known repetition rate.
    • The completeness of periodic data is monitored by the logger.
    • The selection dialog for signals from A2L files now highlights all signals that can be used to configure the logger.
    • The logger now also recognizes external diagnostic testers that use the UDS broadcast address. In this case, the logger pauses its diagnostic activities to avoid disturbing the external tester.

  • CCP/XCP:
    • The completeness of DAQ data is monitored online by the logger.
    • Recorded XCP packets in which the ECU has set the overflow bit due to overload are now also considered when converting to signal-based formats.
    • The selection dialog for signals from A2L files now highlights all signals that can be used to configure the logger.

  • Cloud:
    • The data loggers allow the setting of a time zone. This allows the real-time clock in the logger to be synchronized when contacting the cloud, considering the time zone in which the logger is located. In addition, time data for logging records, last contact, reconfigurations, etc. can be converted to the user's local time zone. If the user and the data logger are in different time zones, the chronology of these events is more clearly visible.
    • Orders to synchronize the real-time clock of the logger with the cloud server can now also be placed without interrupting the recording (in case of a TransferRequest). The time correction is then performed before the next measurement, so that the time stamps of all measurements remain consistent.
    • In the transmission history, deviating time data for the last transmission were corrected in individual cases.
    • GL2400 transfer to the cloud improved after sleep/wake.
    • Improved operation of the cloud option dialog in case of errors.

  • Logging data:
    • Error in the assignment of databases during conversion fixed.
    • All SSDs per eSATA can be deleted again via button „Delete Logging Data“.

  • From Pack&Go packages you can now also import files that are referenced in the configuration project with UNC path.
  • Classifications now also support the classification dimension with bit signal.
  • Wrong warning on selection of virtual channels fixed.
  • Japanese GL Logger manuals available
  • GL3000/GL4000 deliveries in future with firmware 4.x. The firmware upgrade is not necessary for new loggers.


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Download Vector Logger Suite 4.0