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Analysis and Validation of Traces Recorded on AUTOSAR Adaptive Systems

TA Tool Suite 21.1 provides the possibility to analyze and validate scheduling traces recorded on AUTOSAR Adaptive systems.

TA Tool Suite: Control timing and performance behavior of high-performance ECUs.

It supports traces recorded on Linux with the common tracing toolkits LTTng and perf.

The existing features of option TA.Inspection from Vector's powerful TA Tool Suite for AUTOSAR Classic are extended to consider the special needs of Linux. Therefore, the timing and performance behavior of the recorded threads and system calls can be analyzed. With the Metric Tables and Histograms, it is possible to analyze key metrics and requirements of hardware resources, threads, and system calls. The Gantt Chart allows the analysis of the schedule, interferences and activation pattern of threads and system calls.

To identify threads, TA Tool Suite tracks and visualizes the important identifiers thread ID (TID), process ID (PID) and parent process ID (PPID). In this way it is possible to determine which process forked another process and if a process is creating multiple threads.

TA Tool Suite