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Saving Lives, Strengthening Education, Protecting the Environment: Social Responsibility Has Many Facets at Vector.

This year's Ditzinger Lebenslauf took place for the second time in an individualized form. Despite moderate weather for outdoor sports, many Vector employees and their children once again took part for the benefit of Mukoviszidose e.V.. Whether on foot, by bicycle or scooter - 178 employees and 70 children walked a total of 2,037.4 km and rolled a total of 4,209.9 km, so that the impressive donation total of EUR 14,131.57 was collected. Even in times of pandemic, the life runners were thus able to help seriously ill people. They and the Vector management therefore deserve a big thank you. The tradition of running for a good cause, which has been practiced for more than 20 years, strengthens the sense of community anew every year.

The social commitment of Vector employees goes far beyond the Ditzinger Lebenslauf and is part of Vector's self-image. Giving, sharing, helping and even saving lives - especially during the Corona pandemic, this is a matter close to Vector's heart. This is shown by the current example of an unbureaucratic and quick donation for an urgently needed, additional lung replacement machine (ECMO) to the Klinikum Stuttgart. Vector received a request at the beginning of May and decided within just one day to provide the funds of EUR 80,000 for this special device. This means that Klinikum Stuttgart can now treat young COVID-19 patients in particular and save many lives.

Vector's Lifesavers' Day, which includes blood donations, first-aid refreshers and defibrillator courses, as well as the Vector typing campaign (DKMS) "Together against blood cancer", is also all about saving lives. Although this year's Lifesavers' Day was cancelled due to the pandemic, another typing campaign will start soon instead. This will give employees the opportunity to help fight blood cancer from home. The first typing campaign took place in 2008 on the initiative of a Vector employee. Five employees donated healthy stem cells, thus saving lives. And so this year, too, there is great confidence that the campaign will help find suitable donors.

In addition to the many activities in which Vector employees are involved in social welfare, commitment to education and the environment is also an integral part of the company's values. Whether it is a solar system on an ecologically sustainable building, the use of geothermal energy, green electricity in the data center and in the e-car, regional food in catering or public transport subsidies for employees: Vector's commitment to protecting the environment has many facets. And with an eye on Germany's future as a technology location, Vector promotes young talent in the STEM field with numerous educational initiatives and projects - from 30 educational partnerships with schools at Vector locations to the founding and support of young startup companies.

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