Powertrain Calibration Poster Updated – Quick Overview of Complete Vector Solution

The Vector product portfolio for measurement and calibration of ECUs has grown significantly in recent years. The "Powertrain Calibration Solutions" poster presents the various products at a glance and in relation to one other. By grouping products into three application areas – data acquisition, data processing, and data management – it is readily apparent which product can be used or combined, including with products of third-party providers, for your specific task.


  • Recording of bus and analog signals with CANape and evaluation of load variations with vSignalyzer
  • Fast ECU access with the VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware as an accelerator for data acquisition with ETAS INCA
  • Intuitive, graphic mixing of parameter sets with CDM Studio for datasets of a user-developed ECU tool

The revised poster shows that CANape with its product options is a complete and modular software product: for comprehensive use as a measurement and calibration tool for online and offline tasks – the ideal workbench for ECU calibration.

We are happy to advise you on optimal calibration of your ECU. Please contact sales@vector.com.