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First Place in the Competition "Germany's Best Employer 2021"

Vector is once again one of the best employers in Germany in 2021. As part of the #GreatPlaceToWork competition, we were awarded 1st place in the category of employers with 2,001 to 5,000 employees for an exceptionally employee-friendly working environment. We also achieved the top ranking in the "Best Employer in Baden-Württemberg" competition for companies with 1,000 or more employees. In the ITK company category, Vector landed in 3rd place.

Vector is a great place to work: First place in the Competition "Germany's Best Employer 2021"!

The Corona pandemic in particular has been a major challenge for both companies and employees. Vector has managed to provide the best possible support for its workforce with its excellent workplace culture and targeted measures to help with childcare, health and further occupational training.

Dr. Stefan Krauß, Managing Director of Vector Informatik GmbH, said: “Coming in 1st place this year is confirmation of the quality and attractiveness of the working conditions at Vector, especially since this result is based to a very large extent on the judgement of our workforce. The high satisfaction of our employees and their opportunities for further development are our key objectives and source of corporate success. The fact that we are able to maintain and even expand our excellent workplace culture even in challenging times such as these makes us very proud.” For Dr. Krauß, the reason for the continued success during the Corona pandemic is obvious: “Our well-coordinated team and mutual trust are carrying us through the pandemic. In this particular phase, a unifying culture and security are especially important.”


Excellent evaluation by employees and the jury

For the annual “Germany's Best Employer” award, the “Great Place to Work” institute evaluates team spirit, fairness, appreciation, respect, and identification and trust in managers. This is done on the basis of a representative employee survey. The particularly good corporate culture and motivating framework conditions were confirmed by Vector’s workforce.

In the additional culture audit, which is a management survey, the focus is on measures to create an attractive workplace culture. Here, Vector scored “Excellent” in the fields of listening, informing, work-life balance, health, development, team spirit, compensation and social commitment, among others, in an industry comparison.


Flexible support and social responsibility during the pandemic

Even in times of crisis, Vector Informatik pursues a comprehensive and employee-oriented concept to facilitate and promote everyday work while working from home. Employees' transition to working remotely from home went smoothly thanks to the company's existing infrastructure. There was also flexibility in the choice of work location before Corona. Employees were still given the opportunity to take home monitors, headsets, webcams and even office chairs. Vector also promotes the health of its employees during the new workday through virtual work ergonomic consultations, lectures on balanced nutrition when working from home, and online fitness and relaxation offerings.

The work-life balance is particularly important to the software company: Single employees who must care for their children at home due to Corona-related school and daycare closures may request special paid leave. The same offer applies to families in which one parent works in an essential field and must continue to work. If both parents are employed, paid leave of up to 50 percent of working hours is possible. “Thanks to a responsible approach to our offer by employees, we have been able to extend it again and again,” said Ingrid Aguilera-Fichter, Manager Employee Development & Working Conditions.

“With the actions we have taken since the pandemic began, we are continuing exactly what is at the core of our culture – trust, openness, appreciation, fairness and honesty. This works well remotely because it's about attitude, not explicit action. All in all, it also always takes a bit of courage on all sides to go down new paths and try them out early on. All the Vectorians did a great job here,” said Aguilera-Fichter, explaining their success.


Many pieces in the mosaic add up to an attractive workplace quality – before, during and after the pandemic

What Vector employees particularly appreciate about their employer are the flat hierarchies and the trust placed in them when it comes to organizing and carrying out projects themselves. Supporting and coaching each other as a team is actively encouraged by management. The workplaces are designed to be particularly team-friendly. All employees can communicate with each other quickly and easily, not only in the numerous coffee kitchens. Mentors look after employees who are new to the company. Through extensive training and development programs, Vector lays the foundations for all employees to always be one step ahead in a world full of software that is developing extremely dynamically.

The software and electronics specialist Vector currently employs more than 2,400 people at its headquarters in Stuttgart and its German locations in Karlsruhe, Regensburg, Munich, Braunschweig, Hamburg and Kempen. Worldwide, there are 3,200 employees at 31 locations in 14 countries.

Since 2005, Vector has been regularly recognized in this competition by the Great Place To Work Institute.