CANdelaStudio 12: More Advantages in AUTOSAR-compliant Description of Diagnostic Data.


The Highlights of the New Version


  • In an ECU fault memory implementation, system faults are mapped to so-called Events. Via the diagnostic protocol, a DTC represents one or more such Events. For code generation of Events in the ECU via the AUTOSAR DEXT format, CANdelaStudio 12 now directly supports AUTOSAR-compliant processing of Events with their detailed properties and the mapping of Events to DTCs . Several events can be mapped to one DTC (Event combination) and mass operations can also be performed.

AUTOSAR Software Components (SWC) Sync

  • For processes where the SWC Sync is not based on the RequirementsID, CANdelaStudio 12 offers a UUID-based SWC Sync. The SWC Sync imports selected objects including their UUID into the Import Pool, from where the user manually moves them to a diagnostic instance. A later SWC Sync then updates the CANdela object based on the UUID.

Further Optimizations

  • When creating a new diagnostic instance, a DID can now be conveniently created “on the fly” via a dialog.
  • Even more convenient creation of a new variant with the variant wizard
  • Refinements during a new document upgrade to an updated template. Improved visualization of variants in the integrated comparison view.
  • Many minor optimizations of the user interface
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