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Troy, Michigan

Vector TechDay Automotive Testing and Diagnostics

A comprehensive foundation of knowledge of Vector solutions for ECU Testing and Diagnostics.

This TechDay is intended to provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge of Vector solutions for ECU Testing and Diagnostics. The agenda includes an in-depth overview and demos of Vector’s Conformance/Compliance Testing solution available with CANoe,  Next Generation Hardware Solutions, CANoe-in-the-Cloud: IoT Connectivity Concept, Validation of Diagnostic Software and UDS Implementation, Scripting for Diagnostic Data Collection or Testing and many new features available in CANalyzer/CANoe v12.

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Time Presentation
9:00 Welcome an­­­­­d Introduction
CANalyzer/CANoe version 12: New Feature Overview, Shawn Kaschner, Project Engineer
CANoe is the comprehensive software tool for development, test and analysis of individual ECUs and entire ECU networks. It supports network designers, development and test engineers throughout the entire development process – from planning to system-level test.  This session will examine new feature and capabilities available in the latest v12 release.  
Conformence/Compliance Testing Solution, Jeff Koncsol, Sr. Project Engineer 
This session will cover the many compliance & conformance testing solutions available in CANoe.
Examples are:
  • OPEN Alliance ECU Testing Specification TC8
  • J1939-82 Compliance Test (2008 and 2015 revisions)
  • CANoe Test Package for Smart Charging (CCS Test Packages for EV, EVSE) and GB/T
  • C-V2X solution from Vector and Rhode & Schwarz
10:30 Coffee Break
Scripting for Diagnostic Data Collection or Testing, Vivek Jolly, Business Development Manager
Overview of Vector Diagnostic Toolchain with focus on VDS Extensions for Visual Studio. The VDS library lets users automate their diagnostic sequences in CANoe, CANape, vFlash, Indigo and vScriptDiagnostics. The extensions aid users in developing and testing these automated scripts.
11:30 Lunch Break
CANoe-in-the-Cloud: IoT Connectivity Concepts, Mark Blanding, Sr. Project Engineer
As connected systems become more prevalent there needs to be a way to simulate and test these systems and functions within them.  The CANoe-in-the-Cloud Concept address these needs.  The presentation will provide an overview of the concept along with a live demo.
Next Generation Hardware Solutions, Samer White, Sr. Project Engineer 
This session will provide a glimpse into our next generation hardware platforms.  Included are the new Generation 3 Ethernet Interface Family, VT System modules, Smart Charging devices, VN4610 (DSRC) interface and others. 
2:00 Coffee Break
Validation of Diagnostic software and UDS Implementation
Overview of DiVa option of CANoe, which is used for generating and running automated tests for diagnostic validation. The presentation will also include a live demo of DiVa integration with VT System for diagnostic application validation and with vFlash for flash validation (bootloader validation).
3:00 Open Q&A Session
3:15 Official End of the Event



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