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11:00 (Asia/Kolkata)

Duration: 60 min

Panelists: Hareesh Padaki | Srinivas Ravipati

VectorCAST: Software Verification of High Level Requirements in DO-178C using VectorCAST/QA

Systems that are regulated by the functional safety standards such as DO-178/ED-12, DO-330, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, FDA, IEC 62304 and CENELEC, the greatest attention must be paid to quality in order to be successful in the market.


The VectorCAST family of tools is used by software developers worldwide to perform unit, integration, and system testing of complex enterprise and embedded software systems and is well suited to support many of the software verification activities required for DO178.


This webinar will cover how the VectorCAST software testing platform is used to satisfy the High Level Requirements of Software Verification Process objectives as defined DO-178B and DO-178C standards, “Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.”


Join us for a complimentary webinar on how VectorCAST can help you achieve your quality aspirations for your embedded software project.



> Understanding of what is High level requirement.

> Detailed study of High level requirements as per DO-178C and it's different sections.

> Review and analysis of High level requirements at Software Level and guidelines prescribed in DO-178C

> Understanding how VectorCAST/C++ could be used to test High level requirements.

> Learning how to add variety of testcases for system level test environment. For e.g.

# Requirement based testcases

> How to generate reports and metrics to meet your quality goals and fulfill regulatory requirements

> Live Demonstration

> Live Q&A


Target Group

> Embedded Software Engineers

> Software Developers