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Webinar Recording


Duration: 57 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Patrick Pfeifer

Simulation and Test of Time Sensitive Networking in Automotive Ethernet

Ethernet- and IP-based communication is used in the automotive industry for several years in the fields of DoIP, flashing, and XCP-on-Ethernet. Now, this communication technology is used more and more for in-vehicle data transmission. Time critical aspects more and more play a dominant role.


Software-based tools like CANalyzer .Ethernet or CANoe .Ethernet support in analyzing, simulation and test of in-vehicle networks, e.g. in the fields of system, ECU or function development. For coupling bus physics while offering compliance with several time critical aspects mature measurement interface hardware is available.


You will learn about the Vector tool solution for development and test tasks in the area of Automotive Ethernet by means of practical examples. The focus is on established technologies and protocols such as SOME/IP and TSN/AVB, whose basic functionality is shown.


Basic knowledge about Ethernet networks and protocols in Automotive is recommended as well as interest on software based development topics.


Target Group

  • System developer
  • ECU developer
  • Software engineer and architect
  • Software project manager