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Webinar Recording


Duration: 67 minutes

Language: English

Panelists: Stephan Herzog

Calibrating ECUs Optimally with CANape 16.0 – Introduction to New Functions

Have a quick look at an overview of new features of CANape 16.0. Many new detailed functions and improvements give you additional options and make your ECU calibration work even more efficient.

  • Improved project management – conveniently share projects using the new file container
  • Measurement files recorded together are displayed as a contiguous measurement
  • Integration of LIDAR systems (Velodyne, Ibeo and Quanergy) and visualization of the point clouds in the new Scene Window
  • Full coverage of vCDM calibrator use cases integrated in CANape with Option vCDM
  • For diagnostic testing, CANape now supports DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol)
  • Precise time synchronization (PTP/IEEE 802.1AS) during measurements together with UTC time stamps and GPS-based master clock
  • ASAP2 Studio is integrated as the successor to the ASAP2 Editor
  • Direct working on measurement data in Excel format without conversion to MDF format
  • Simple comparison of several triggered measurement results in a single display

Target Group

  • Calibration engineers
  • CANape users