Ethernet SOME/IP Replay

This document discusses how to replay SOME/IP messages and describes practical implementation using CANoe.Ethernet. The given examples will:

  • be based on CAPL and CANoe’s interaction layer from version 13.0 SP2 and
  • require a FIBEX or AUTOSAR Classic database and
  • may be used with Ethernet interface’s Network or Channel based mode.

Common to the discussed approaches is that the recorded communication layer will be replaced by a remaining network simulation coming from CANoe.Ethernet. Thus, issues on the recorded communication layer may cause issues on the replay. Also, it is very likely that issues in the recorded communication layer will be replaced by the remaining network simulation and therefore would be wiped out on the replay.

The given examples will work as they are. However, some minor adaptations need to be done to tailor the examples for your own requirements. Furthermore, the examples are demonstrators for a specific concept and can be easy adjusted to own needs.

Application Note AN-IND-1-25


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