CANoe 11.0 SP4 (64 bit)

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:


  • Correction of the tooltip position simplifies the operation of various windows under Windows 10
  • Integration of several small improvements and bug fixes

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • Improved realtime behavior when using Seed&Key DLLs
  • DoIP: Extensions/improvements in “Diagnostics/ISO TP” configuration dialog (section “Vehicle Simulation Parameter”):

    • New checkbox „Send VIN/GID sync. status”
    • Correction regarding initialization

Option .Ethernet

  • Output of a note when IP addresses are assigned twice.
  • Support of container PDUs.
  • Support for AUTOSAR E2E profile 4 for PDUs.
  • Support for AVTP transmission without VLAN
  • Fix a problem with ApplicationEndpoint and Port 0
  • Correction of a stability problem in the interpretation of AUTOSAR PDUs which was interpreted as SOME/IP PDUs.
  • Fix of a problem with SOME/IP which caused that HSFZ can no longer be interpreted.
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to IP fragmented data not being recognized correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with the Vector Network Driver in connection with UEFI Secure Boot under Windows 10.

Option .AMD/XCP

  • Correction of MODIFY_BITS for parameters with conversion formula
  • Stability improvements for XCP on FlexRay and Ethernet

Option . CANopen

  • Improvements of the Master startup
  • Improvement of the CANopen IG Block

    • Multiple CAN channels are now supported correctly
    • The selection lists will now be filled correctly in all cases


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