CANape 13.0 SP5

Updates existing installations of version 13.0 to 13.0 SP5.

The following changes become effective with version 13.0.50:

User Operation and Display

  • The dialog for adding a comment during measurement will be opened only once even when it is opened by script.
  • Improvement of printing functionality for PDF as output format.
  • Improvement of start behavior when a Keyman is used as a license carrier.

Communication Protocols

  • XCPonSXI: Support of parallel usage of several interfaces.
  • XCPonSXI: Acceleration of data transmission. User defined baud rates are possible.
  • In case of flashing via XCP necessary optional commands are checked and missing commands are reported.
  • XCP STIM messages are limited to 255 bytes if the ECU DTOs support > 255 bytes.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • The Calibration signal for recording the calibration operations during measurement is saved in triggered measurement files.
  • An issue was solved that potentially caused data loss on systems with high CPU load during simultaneous measurement of ECU signals and video.
  • MDF3 measurement files will be restored automatically after a system crash even when they contain more than 256 channel groups. Manual restoration is not required any more.
  • The interpretation of 48 bit Motorola signals for CAN signal datatype was corrected.
  • Correction of the start bit calculation for Motorola signals at polling when creating a logger configuration.
  • Correction when creating logger configuration with floating-point numbers.
  • Improve support of bit signals for the creation of the logger configuration.
  • Correction of signal evaluation for signals having byte order Motorola with bit mask when creating a logger configuration.


  • Fixed issue in database filters when modified objects do no longer match the filter criteria.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & CDM Studio)

  • Changed values are handled correctly in the dataset management if the changes are discarded upon closing.
  • Improved mouse handling in list view of CDM Studio to reset the drag & drop operation correctly.


  • Multimedia signals can be stored into MDF4 measurement files even when these files will get larger than 4 Gigabyte.


  • VN89 Target: Bit mask support for XCP signals
  • VN89 Target: Separate STIM buffer for each bypass

Functions and Scripts

  • Components of Bus Message Structures can be used as input for measurement functions.
  • Global variables can be imported from other projects.
  • Signals of algebraic expressions will be connected to measurement signals by default.

Data Mining

  • Global variables are considered correctly at Data Mining.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • The state text of signals will be displayed as label of axis in graphic windows.
  • Algebraic expressions used for virtual file channels can reference file identifiers other than FILE1 now.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Measurement file export converters optionally use the signal source information of label lists for filtering the signals.
  • Selected Bus databases of a project will be unloaded if a new project is loaded.


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