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Virtual ADAS Symposium 2021

We keep you informed. Wherever you are.

Join us for a unique experiential event packed with technology solutions, products and discussions from Vector, which support development, verification and testing of your ADAS applications.

Online Event

Online sessions allow a comfortable transfer of knowledge.

Join us for the free online ADAS event to learn about the comprehensive tools, software components, algorithm framework, hardware and approaches towards your ADAS projects.

Knowledge at your Fingertips

Global Vector Experts will share their insights Live about various topics pertaining to ADAS, such as

  • Testing approaches for automated and autonomous driving applications - ADAS Testing
  • Open environment simulation & scenario-based testing for virtual test drives
  • Automotive Ethernet in car and measurement networks
  • Measuring and working with complete car environment including sensors, networks, complex protocols and internal ECU data
  • ADAS logging applications and solutions
  • High speed measurement for ADAS-ECU's and ADAS sensors like Video, Radar, Lidar, Ultrasonic etc.
  • ADAS Sensor Fusion Development and scalability of data fusion systems
  • E/E Architecture and Application Development

The event will be Live and Virtual, allowing access from your work stations through laptops, tablets or mobiles. Take the opportunity for exchange of ideas and knowledge which will drive the future of mobility.


Time Topic & Speaker
ADAS Testing with CANoe & Vector Tools
Thomas Drexler, Vector Informatik GmbH
Virtual ADAS tests as in real test drives with simulated vehicle and environment
Martin Vögel, Vector Informatik GmbH
11:30am Break
Automotive Ethernet and ADAS Logging Solution
Stephan Herzog, Vector Informatik GmbH
High Speed Measurement solution for Video, Radar and ADAS-ECU’s
Alfred Kless, Vector Informatik GmbH
Alexander Aydt, Vector Informatik GmbH
1:15pm Lunch
Change in E/E Architecture and its Impact on Software Development
Francisco Gonzalez, Vector Informatik GmbH
Efficient development of sensor fusion systems for ADAS with BASELABS Create Embedded
Dr. André Uhle, BASELABS
3:15pm Discussion & Next Steps – Expert Connect Session info share
3:30pm Official End of the Event

Expert Connect

Want to connect with the Experts? Join the Live Expert Connect at the event.

Expert Connect is a unique forum created for you to engage & interact with the Vector Experts on various topics. Vector Experts will host separate virtual rooms  which you can join to have a Live Face-2-Face audio and/or video interaction with the specialist to get more information on the topics presented, discuss your specific queries or learn more about Vector solutions. 

It is your own direct connect with Vector Experts for any support you require. And it is Free! - simply log in to the event and join the session of your choice. 

  • Room 1 - ADAS Testing & Test Environment Simulation
  • Room 2 - ADAS Logging, Measurement and Data fusion development
  • Room 3 - High performance ECU development

Resource Library

Visit the virtual zone to download all relevant brochures, fact sheets, case studies and material related to ADAS. You can explore and watch the various videos related to ADAS to increase to your know-how.


Due to heavy demand, we have kept on-the spot registrations Live till the last moment which can be done on the Welcome Page directly. Click on below Button to register yourself on the Welcome Page. 

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