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  • VectorCAST: White-box System Testing with VectorCAST/QA
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Duration: 64 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch


Jeffrey Fortin
Product Manager, VectorCAST
Vector North America

VectorCAST: White-box System Testing with VectorCAST/QA

System testing is the most common type of testing done and generally takes the longest to complete. By improving the efficiency of system testing, your organization can complete more software projects on time and deliver with higher quality. With white-box testing, we can collect additional software metrics with little to no impact on your current software development practice. Using your existing system testing infrastructure, VectorCAST/QA gives you the ability to “see” into your code and get a deeper understanding of what code is being testing and to validate the implementation of the system requirements.


Join us for this complimentary webinar where you will learn more about:


- Understand how to achieve white-box testing with no impact to exiting workflow.

- Using Code Coverage Metrics to improve software quality

- Use Software Test Automation to improve testing efficiency

- How to test, “untestable” code