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  • CANape + MATLAB/Simulink = The Perfect Team for Model-based Software Development
Webinar Recording


Duration: 65 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch


Stephan Herzog and Gernot König

CANape + MATLAB/Simulink = The perfect team for model-based software development

Whatever phase of model development you are currently working on, CANape's versatile interfaces to MATLAB/Simulink always provide you with the optimum measurement and calibration environment. Even in early development phases, Simulink XCP Server provides you with complete access to all the model's internal measurement and calibration values. With Vector vSignalyzer/CANape Target, you can generate a DLL from your model and integrate it in a real-time environment. CANape's Model Explorer allows you to visualize the model using your habitual Simulink display mode.

In this webinar recording, learn how to conduct a CANape project from the early model development phase right through to use in the finished controller.


Target Group: Measurement and calibration engineers, function and software developers


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