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Duration: 71 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch


Stephan Herzog

How to efficiently extend test benches and HIL systems – Integrating CANape via an automation interface

In test benches, HIL systems and other test fixtures, it is important to access all necessary input and output variables simply and quickly. Measurement and calibration tools – with their many different data acquisition capabilities – provide all of the key variables needed to test these systems successfully. But how do you access this data?

In this webinar, Vector introduces you to the various automation interfaces of CANape. It will give you an overview of use areas of the interfaces and their capabilities as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The short, meaningful examples presented during this webinar will let you experience live how to use the interfaces efficiently for your specific tasks.

Target Group:

  • Test bench and HIL engineers and supervisors
  • Test engineers
  • Calibration engineers
  • Measurement engineers
  • Research engineers
  • Quality control specialists