DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.20.60 SP5

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 5.20 auf den Stand 5.20 SP5. Nicht geeignet für andere Versionen. Falls Sie die Lizenz auf Ihrem PC bereits aktiviert haben, ist keine erneute Aktivierung der Lizenz notwendig.

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Removed support of License Bit (Vector Legacy License Model) Dongles

Fixed Issues

  • Missing modules in updater list
  • Show OsApplications in Component Prototype Properties
  • ServicePack Setup not working on component based SIP
  • Installation Manager not working on component based SIP
  • Remove old command line options from help text
  • Exportfilter for merged DCF-Workspace
  • For EIRA Rx ComMSignals no ComMPncComSignalChannelRef is needed
  • ComSignalGroup parameters are not derived for bi-directional ISignals
  • BswmdModelGenerator doesn't support whitespaces in paths
  • Change the data type of the log level parameter of the DiagnosticDataModifer
  • BSWM Editor does not show variant BswMActionListItem
  • SwcGeneration: InitMode changes are not synchronized for ModeDeclarationGroups
  • Consider AUTOSAR constr_1515 in BaseEcuc
  • Implement Initialization ModelService for Access to External Trigger MDF Objects
  • Rework ConnectorValidationRule to use external consistency trigger
  • Derive Sub-Routine Access Permissions
  • Connector Validation reports unexpected RTE51030 for Sub Elements
  • Missing EcuC-RuleEvents for ModelTraverserValidator in initial Background Validation
  • Import doesn't consider multi-instance-refs correctly
  • Exception When Connecting Ports
  • NVM Need Priority Selection
  • Generation dialog freezes
  • Update Workflow Runs Out of Memory
  • TaskMappingAssistant: ExecutionOrderConstraints Cannot be Selected
  • TDSConfig: Improve Evaluation of Support Dirty Flag Value at NvBlockDescriptors
  • Merger needs also adjust the Reference by ShortName clash
  • [Selective Update] Diagnostic import not excluded if deselected in selective update settings
  • [Selective Update] Disallow Diag-Only update if legacy diagnostic files are excluded in selective update settings
  • [Selective Update] Exception pops up when configuring Update Workflow
  • [Selective Update] Activate all channels and options if selective update is initially activated
  • [Selective Update] Pending-Update check should also consider selective update settings
  • Compare and Merge: Support base container for renamed containers
  • RteDataChecksum calculation shall respect AdminData
  • SwcTemplateProducer: ISwcDataElement cannot be intercepted
  • Ignore index of multi instance parameter on DiffMerge
  • Issues in AcceptanceFilter Editor
  • Derived the J1939TpRx- and -TxProtocolType
  • Incorrect creation of DataType mappings for IOControl Ports
  • Not all IPdu Type are considered when reading J1939TpPg.tpSdu
  • Entries in PDUs Editor are missing
  • Only one UseCase per Pre-/RecConfig is recognized
  • MCSupportData is just written to Internal Behavior if 'ARMXL to A2L Generator' is generated
  • Support changed reference of DiagnosticServiceSwMapping in SwcPortMappingValidator
  • Changing number format for parameter has no effect


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